Hottest Home Remodeling Trends

By Lyle Weischwill | Nov. 11, 2016 12:08 am PST

Learn about the latest in home modeling trends

Whether you’re renovating your kitchen or just putting a fresh coat of paint in the bedroom, we reveal what’s trending in home decor and design.

If we had to sum up a common theme of the latest home improvement and design trends today, it’d be three little words: Less is more. To find out how that applies to kitchens, bathrooms, lighting and paint, read on.

Kitchens: Keep It Clean

When it comes to kitchens, people are looking for sleek finishes that make the space look more modern.

“Cleaner lines, less ornamentation and a more sophisticated feel overall is the trend now,” says Sharon Flatley, a certified master kitchen and bath designer and owner of Flatley Design in Dallas.

Filling the space up with heavy cabinets has become passé. Instead, replacing cabinets with some open shelving is all the rage.

“We still need space to store essentials but have opted for a more open look for everyday use,” Flatley says.

Also, the addition of a statement backsplash will wow anyone who walks into your kitchen. Try a shimmery silver against modern white countertops or a colorful mosaic backsplash snaking up the wall. But the key is to select a classic design that will stand the test of time.

Bathrooms: Create an Oasis

As with kitchens, clean lines, unfussy decor and a minimalist approach are the trends for bathrooms these days — and the spa-like feel of a decadent bath never goes out of style.

“Most people are looking for a retreat when doing a bathroom, no matter the size of the home,” Flatley says.

Soaking tubs, glassed-in showers with multiple jets, and nature-inspired colors can transform your bathroom into an oasis, perfect for relaxation after a long day.

Lighting: Highlight Good Design

“Good lighting is imperative in any space,” Flatley explains. “We are moving toward more LED lights and energy-efficient sources. Specific lighting requirements for shaving, makeup areas and general tasks have always been key in not only producing an efficient workspace but one designed for optimal effect to showcase the overall design.”

You can design a phenomenal space, but if the lighting is bad, you haven’t done a good job with the design, she warns.

Paint: Let Nature Inspire

Today, the trend is toward nature-themed colors with a global influence, Flatley explains.

Designers are using watery pale blues, greens and grays to create soothing, calming environments. In addition, “raw earth” colors offer a punch of color.

“Most people now are not afraid to use bold colors or even colors not typically paired together for a statement look,” Flatley says.

An example would be cinnamon with pale blues and touches of coral.

If you’ve got an eye toward updating or renovating your home, stay on trend: Keep it simple, with nature-inspired colors and clean lines instead of clutter.

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