Craftsman: The Cutting Edge of Lawn Care


Take an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at Craftsman’s premier lawn mower and riding tractor design and manufacturing process.

Craftsman products are developed and manufactured with exclusive features and benefits that differentiate them from the competition. This includes developing product features in areas such as speed, sound quality and turning radius.

“The Craftsman brand curates the best designs and manufacturing from suppliers around the globe,” says Ken Dombrowski, director of product development for lawn and garden, Craftsman, Kenmore and DieHard. “Our product development process brings innovative products with exclusive features to market. The Craftsman team works with the vendors to validate that the product and manufacturing processes will meet and comply with Craftsman quality standards.”

Faster, Quieter, More Control

The Craftsman lawn and garden team has proven its ability to innovate in three areas of lawn mower design:

lawn mower

1. Increase speed. Craftsman® Pro Series riding mowers come equipped with Kohler® Elite Series engines with Consistent-Cut™ technology for an even cut and plenty of power. Plus, they can achieve up to a 7.5 mph max speed.

2. Decrease noise. In 2014, the brand introduced the Craftsman Quiet All Wheel Drive and Front Wheel Drive Push Mowers, featuring Briggs & Stratton’s Quiet Power Technology™ engine. This engine is so quiet, you can still carry on a conversation while you mow. Watch this video to learn more.

  1. Improve turning radius. The Craftsman Turn-Tight® Riding Mowers feature a best-in-class 6-inch turning radius. See it in action here.

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A Closer Look at Craftsman Innovation

Here’s a look at a couple of newer Craftsman mowers, full of innovative features to help your lawn be the best groomed on the block:

Pro Series Riding Mower

Up your lawn care game with one of the newest riding mower lineups.

Power Features:

· Deck size options range from 42- to 54-inch decks — great for slicing through an acre of turf in as few as 47 passes.

· The Kohler Elite Series Engine with Consistent-Cut Technology aims to deliver a constant stream of power to tackle both wet and dry turf.

· EZ Blade Change allows you to swap out worn blades with a tool-less, magnet-assisted installation.

· Tight-Turn Technology gives riding mowers a 6-inch turning radius.

40-Volt Dual Blade Push Mower

lawn mower

Give up gasoline without sacrificing performance with this lightweight yet powerful electric push mower.

Power Features:

· The lithium-ion battery means you can charge the mower in just an hour.

· There are also two 40-volt batteries onboard to provide up to 70 minutes of extra runtime.

· With two 10-inch rotating blades, this mower provides superior mulching and increased bagging over traditional single-blade mowers.

· The 2-in-1 Cutting Deck System allows you to switch between mulching and rear-bag discharge.

· The mower can sense grass conditions and automatically adjusts the speed of the blade for the best performance.

Check out the entire lineup of Craftsman lawn mowers and riding tractors. With a variety of models that offer speed, noise control and the ability to make tight turns, mowing the lawn has never been easier — or more fun.