Checklist to Complete Your Home Improvement Project

By Lyle Weischwill | May. 10, 2018 6:30 am PST

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Have you recently finished a home improvement project? Or are you in the middle of one now? Here’s what to check before it’s all wrapped up.

Your home improvement project is almost a wrap! The workers have packed up, and you’re just about ready to enjoy your home — free of dust and construction debris. Congratulations!

Even though your project seems finished, it might not be completely over. It’s always best to check that everything is as it should be before saying your final goodbye to the contractors.

Post Checklist

Here’s a list of some things to check when your home improvement project finishes up, recommended by Dave Lincon, a home improvement expert for Sears Home Services.

  • Get contact information for any post-project questions or concerns you might have.
  • Gather warranty information and fill out any necessary forms.
  • Check that all renovation debris has been cleaned up.
  • Make sure everything looks good and works as it should. Do a complete check on functionality.

Here’s what to look out for with specific types of projects:


  • Is everything secure and tight?
  • Are there any discolored or mismatched tiles?
  • Is the floor flush with the walls?
  • Does the floor sound solid, not hollow, when you knock on it?
  • Are there any scratches or stains?

Doors and Windows

  • Are they easy to open and close, or do they stick?
  • Do the locks work?
  • Is all the hardware in place?
  • When open, do they block anything?

Plumbing and Electrical

  • Do the sockets function?
  • Do all the lights work?
  • Does it all work without blowing a fuse or breaking a circuit?
  • Do all the appliances work properly?
  • Do you see any water leaks?
  • Are all of the pipes and wires concealed?
  • Do your hot and cold taps run?
  • Do the jets in your whirlpool bathtub work?


  • Is the wood smooth, even and sanded?
  • Are there any sharp edges?
  • Do you see any imperfections like chips or cracks?
  • Is the hardware properly installed?
  • Are any of the pulls loose?
  • Are the shelves level and secure?

Only after you check off all these points should you take the time to relax and enjoy your new and improved home. You’ve earned it!

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