Bathroom Remodel Walk-Through: 5 Steps to Your Dream Bathroom

By Erin Hynes | Nov. 18, 2016 1:03 pm PST

How to plan a bathroom remodel

Here’s everything you need to know so you’re well prepared before starting on a bathroom renovation.

The bathroom is a sanctuary. It’s your hideaway to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and go-to place for pure relaxation after a long day. It might be time to flush out the old and make your bathroom feel like a spa. And there’s no better time than now to begin a home improvement project.

Renovating a bathroom is no small undertaking, though. Before you begin tearing up your old floor tiles or removing your chipped bathtub, it’s important to understand the entire remodeling process ahead of time.

Sears Home Services will walk you through the process, step by step, so you can finally make your dream bathroom a reality.

Step 1: Meet with a project consultant.

“The first thing a project consultant is going to do is assess the customer’s needs in terms of both functionality and safety,” says Dave Lincon, a kitchen and bath expert for Sears Home Services.

Do you need a bathtub to bathe a child? Is the floor tile you like going to increase the risk of slips and falls? These are just a couple of many safety and practical concerns your consultant will discuss with you.

Step 2: Discuss design and styling.

Next comes the fun part: choosing the design and styling details. During this step, think about the resale value of your home.

Lincon suggests sticking to whites and neutral shades for the functional components. “Showers, bathtubs and toilets are not necessarily fashion statements,” he says. “If you want to add splashes of color to your project, do it with accessories that are easily changeable, like curtains and pictures.”

Step 3: Say hello to the measuring technician.

Take a second to think about the location of your plumbing system in the bathroom. “Your toilet is placed where it is for a reason and cannot be moved easily, so it’s important to make sure your new bathroom pieces are going to fit correctly in their new homes before placing an order,” Lincon explains.

Once you make your selections, Sears sends a measuring technician to your home to verify the sizes of all the components and to check that everything will fit properly.

Step 4: It’s time to place the order.

Once all the details are finalized and the measuring tech gives the OK, it’s finally time to place the order.

“Each product is custom-ordered from the specific vendor supplying the parts for that item,” Lincon says.

Once all the components are delivered to the local warehouse, your consultant works with you to schedule installation.

Step 5: Installation day.

The long-awaited installation is finally here! The timespan for this part of the process varies, but Lincon says that Sears Home Services tries to make every accommodation to have a functioning bathroom in the house throughout this stage.

“The dismantling of the bathroom happens first, and then the installation takes place. Within a couple days, the customer is using the bathroom as normal again.”

Except this time, it’s the bathroom of your dreams.

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