Bathroom Flooring Options: 4 Things to Consider

By Ian | Nov. 25, 2015 3:55 pm PST

Bathroom flooring options and ideas

When updating your bathroom, don’t forget the flooring! Consider these four points to lead you to the perfect floors for you.

What’s underfoot in the bathroom should be durable, safe, easy to clean and beautiful. Is your bathroom floor past its prime?

When choosing a new one, “consider functionality and durability first,” says San Diego-based kitchen and bath designer Jamie Gold, author of Wellness by Design. “Will this flooring hold up to the use it will get?”

A new floor can have a dramatic impact on your bathroom — and you want one that you’ll love for years to come. “Your design choices need to work well for how you live, not how someone on TV or social media lives,” Gold says. “They need to fit with your home’s value, architectural style and neighborhood standards. And they need to work within your budget.”

Consider these four things to find the best floor for your bath:

1. Budget

If your budget is tight, porcelain could be the way to go. “Choosing something that never needs to be sealed or polished, that holds up to years of standard use and that fits just about any look you want is going to give you the biggest bang for your buck,” Gold says.

For a real budget-friendly floor that will stand up to traffic and water, “a good sheet vinyl will get the job done most economically,” says Dave Lincon, a kitchen and bath expert for Sears Home Services.

2. Durability

In the wettest room in the house, the choice of flooring has to keep water from seeping into the substrate. Porcelain or ceramic tiles are designed for wet areas, including pool or outdoor use. “That’s when you know it’s going to be right for the bath,” Lincon says.

Although people love wood for its warmth and long-lasting style, stay away from it in the bathroom, Lincon warns. “There’s just too much moisture. But if you really love the look and don’t want the hassle, try wood grain porcelain, ceramic tile or even LVT (luxury vinyl tile), which is made in planks, has a texture and looks like wood. “Because it’s 100% vinyl, you won’t have any problems with water infiltration or water damage,” he explains.

Proper installation is also key. Any flooring that’s incorrectly installed can allow water to seep below and cause issues like mold or rot.

3. Lifestyle

Think about your family’s lifestyle when making a flooring choice. How much time do you want to spend cleaning? Tile might be durable, but the smaller the tile, the more grout there is to clean. Sheet vinyl or anything without a grout line will be easiest to maintain.

Whatever you choose, follow the manufacturer’s cleaning recommendations. “And you never want to use bleach,” Lincon says. “It’s an acid that will etch into the floor.”

Worried about slipping? Stay away from marble and anything with a smooth, slick surface. Choose a textured tile with the right finish.

Finally, consider style. “And not just with an eye to current trends,” Gold says. “Choose looks that work with their related spaces — like a master bedroom to master bath, or powder room to the living spaces it serves — and that you’ll love for years beyond the trend du jour. You will likely be living with your flooring choice for a decade past its style peak.”

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