Basic Appliance Technician Training

By Lyle Weischwill | Apr. 28, 2022 5:19 am PST

Where does appliance technician training start?

It starts with basic training in these subjects:

  • Appliance repair safety.
  • Basic electricity.
  • Customer service.
  • Offering add-on products that help customers.
  • Communication and documentation.

Honing these skills will help you flourish as an appliance technician.

Read on to learn more about Basic Appliance Technician Training at Sears.

Appliance Repair Safety

Safety is job #1 at Sears Home Services. We value the safety of all associates.

New service technicians learn about electrical and mechanical safety to help them prevent accidents, injuries and property damage. Techs learn to use the proper protective equipment to avoid exposure to hazards and prevent physical injury.

The focus on working safely never ends. Sears Technicians constantly get frequent reminders about using the proper safety equipment and following safety guidelines to help prevent injuries.

Basic Electrical Training

Basic electrical training at Sears Home Services begins with learning how to read and use appliance wiring diagrams to diagnose problems. Here’s an example of a basic training video that we use to help train technicians to use wiring schematics:

Using a wiring diagram or wiring schematic as a guide to troubleshoot appliance failures is an essential skill for service technicians.

Customer Service

Because technicians meet face-to-face with homeowners, learning how to effectively interact with customers is essential to a service technician’s success. Sears Home Services trains technicians on basic customer service skills to help them excel. Sears Director of Product Engineering Tim Adkisson talks about the importance of customer service in this video:

Learning how to interact with customers will help you become a highly successful appliance service technician.

Offering Add-On Products that Help Customers

Offering the right add-on products helps customers enjoy the full benefits of their appliances. For example, selling a refrigerator water filter helps the customer get great tasting water and ice from their fridge. Sears has water filters to fit every make and model of refrigerator.

From stainless steel cleaners to washer cleansing tablets, the opportunities for helping customers understand the benefits of add-on products is nearly endless.

Sears Technicians also offer Appliance Clean & Maintain services. When you’re in a customer’s home to repair the dishwasher, you can offer to perform cleaning and maintenance on other appliances such as the range, refrigerator, washer and dryer. Helping customers keep their appliances in top shape is a key aspect of success at Sears.

Communication and Documentation

Knowledge is power. Accurately communicating customer needs and documenting service calls helps Sears operate smoothly to meet and exceed customer expectations.

Sears Home Services uses the latest technology available to help service technicians diagnose and repair appliance problems. Repair trends are tracked and communicated to all technicians, so everyone benefits from good communication throughout Sears Home Services.

After completing Basic Appliance Technician Training, Sears Technicians get detailed training in diagnosing and repairing all types and brands of home appliances. Ongoing training helps technicians stay on top of the latest repair trends.

To learn more about becoming a Sears Service Technician, visit our Sears Home Services Career website.

Sears has appliance technician job openings throughout the nation. Apply today to join our highly skilled and respected team of HVAC, Refrigeration, and Appliance Repair professionals with a rich history of making people’s lives better.

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