Appliance Service Technician Training

By Lyle Weischwill | Apr. 28, 2022 7:53 am PST

Sears Home Services is expanding and we need Appliance Service Technicians throughout the United States.

Although we hire experienced technicians, we also hire and train applicants with less than 1 year of related experience and those just out of trade schools.

Sears Home Services offers thorough Appliance Service Technician Training that teaches you skills necessary to accurately maintain, diagnose and repair appliances and equipment in our customers’ homes. Here’s a video that shows what it looks like to be a fully trained Sears HVAC Technician performing furnace maintenance in a customer’s home:

After completing Appliance Service Technician Training, you’ll have the same confidence that Sears Technician Lennie Arroyo displays in that video.

What Does Sears Appliance Technician Training Consist Of?

Appliance Technician Training begins with safety courses and basic electrical theory. You’ll go through a combination of classroom training and hands-on practice of learned skills. Knowledge and skills are tested throughout the training.

Experienced appliance techs will have the opportunity to test out of basic training and move on to more advanced subjects.

Advanced technical training covers disassembly, diagnosis and repair topics for common appliances that you’ll be servicing. Some advanced technical training resembles the DIY repair help that we provide customers on our Sears PartsDirect website. For example, as an appliance technician, you’ll learn to replace an electric dryer heating element as shown in our How to Replace a Kenmore Electric Dryer Heating Element Video.

You’ll also receive training in customer service and selling techniques. Sears Technicians offer customers value added products and/or services during repair calls.

Once you complete Appliance Technician Training and begin running repair routes, you’ll get ongoing coaching and training from experienced mentors to help you thrive in your career with Sears.

Why Work for Sears Home Services?

Sears Home Services is the largest repair and home improvement business in the nation. We have year-round work for appliance technicians—taking the seasonality out of repair work.

At Sears, we strive every day to create ‘WOW’ experiences for our customers. But we don’t stop there. We have the same goal when it comes to recognizing and rewarding the thousands of associates who are the true force behind our success. Sears offers competitive salaries and comprehensive benefits. Sears Technicians receive ongoing training and development. You’ll find ample opportunities for career growth at Sears Home Services.

How Do I Become a Sears Technician?

Learn more about becoming a Sears Technician on our Sears Home Services website.

Search for technician jobs in your area and apply online. The initial online application process takes less than a minute to complete. Once you apply, you’ll quickly hear back from Sears regarding your application and the hiring process.

We look forward to hearing from you and helping you become part of a team with a mission to make our world a better place.

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