Air Conditioner Energy Saving Tips

By Lyle Weischwill | Aug. 18, 2023 4:27 am PST

With one of the hottest summers ever lingering upon us, it’s time to talk about how you can save energy when using your air conditioner. Improving the efficiency of your AC unit can save tons of energy and lower your energy bills.

Here are some practical tips that will help you save energy and help your AC unit work efficiently during the summer.

Set Your Thermostat at a Reasonable Temperature

It’s not a good idea to set your thermostat at 72-degrees when it’s 100-degrees outside. The air conditioner will typically run constantly and some units may freeze up the evaporator. Those units that sense excessive frost on the evaporator will stop cooling periodically to defrost the evaporator fins so the unit likely won’t cool your house down below 75-degrees anyway.

Do yourself a favor and set the thermostat as high as you can tolerate in the summer. At least set it at or above 75-degrees during the hottest part of the day. Setting it at 78-degrees is optimal during 100-degree days in the summer.

When everyone’s out of the house, set the thermostat at or above 80-degrees (or even slightly higher).

If you don’t have a smart thermostat yet, now is a good time to get one. They’re easy to install and controlling the AC thermostat temperature setting from your phone will help save energy and reduce your energy bills.

Replace the Air Filter Regularly

A clogged air filter will drastically inhibit air flow through the evaporator and the air conditioner won’t cool well.

During the hottest months of summer, it’s a good idea to replace the air filter twice as often as your normally replace it. If you replace your air filter monthly, replacing it every 2 weeks will help maximize air flow and cooling capacity of your AC unit.

Keep Curtains and Window Shades Closed

Although the interior of your home may resemble a cave, it will stay cooler when you keep curtains and window shades shut during the hottest hours of the day. This will help prevent heat from being radiated into your home by the sun.

You can open up the curtains during morning and evening hours when sunlight won’t cause radiant heating.

Use Ceiling Fans to Circulate Air

Circulating air with ceiling fans throughout your home helps distribute cool air evenly in rooms. You’ll be able to set your AC thermostat higher and still feel comfortable when using ceiling fans.

Keep Your AC Unit Well-Maintained

Proper maintenance of your air conditioner will often have the biggest impact on energy savings and efficient cooling operation.

It’s best to have your AC unit professionally tuned up every spring. By following this advice, you’ll keep your air conditioner running at its best and you’ll reduce the risk of breakdowns in the middle of the hot summer. Your AC unit will also last longer when you keep it well-maintained.

Schedule Air Conditioner Cleaning & Maintenance Service at Sears Home Services, and a technician will come out to do a full inspection and make sure all systems are good to go. That way, your air conditioner will be ready to keep you cool this summer. Regular HVAC maintenance can help your air conditioner run more efficiently and prevent costly repairs down the road.

A Sears Technician will perform these steps to tune-up your central air conditioner for summer.

1. Check the thermostat

The technician will examine the thermostat inside your house to make sure it’s working properly and securely attached to the wall. The tech will also check thermostat settings and review the settings with you.

2. Examine the air filter

Even though you may already change the air filter regularly, the technician will check it and make sure the filter is clean and not restricted.

3. Check electrical connections

The technician will shut off electrical power to the central air conditioner and check the electrical connections to make sure all wires are connected properly. Loose wiring connections can cause cooling problems. Fixing any loose wires during maintenance will help prevent unexpected failures during the summer.

4. Lubricate the blower motor if necessary

The blower inside the indoor unit occasionally need lubrication. The tech will check the blower fan and its motor – lubricating parts if necessary. This will help keep the blower working efficiently all summer long.

5. Make sure the system controls and safety circuits work properly

The cooling system in your home has safety circuits and controls that keep the AC operating safely and efficiently. The technician will check the operation of controls to ensure that the system works properly and safely.

6. Check and clean the condensate drain line

Hopefully, the technician will find this drain line clear because you’re already pouring bleach or vinegar down the drain line regularly. The tech will make sure that the entire drain system works properly and is completely unclogged.

7. Measure air flow through the evaporator

The technician will check the air flow going through the evaporator fins and look for bent or damaged fins that could restrict air flow. Proper air flow through the evaporator is essential for proper cooling throughout your home.

8. Examine the outside condenser unit

While examining the outside condenser unit, the tech will:

  • Check pressures in the sealed system.
  • Make sure that the compressor is running properly.
  • Check wiring, the condenser fan and the capacitor.
  • Lubricate the fan if necessary.
  • Wash the condenser fins.

Having a Sears Technician perform thorough maintenance and cleaning of your central air conditioner will help keep your unit in top shape so it cools dependably all summer long. Regular maintenance will also help your AC last longer. Trust Sears to help you stay cool this summer – book your AC preventative maintenance check today.

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