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Is your snow blower ready for winter?

Maintain Your Snow blower – 8 Things to Do Before the Snow Flies

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8 Snow Blower Maintenance Tips

3 min readUpdated Mar. 08, 2024Kimberly HillegassSnowblower
Get your snow blower ready for winter.

These essential maintenance tips will ensure your snow blower is ready to tackle the snow. From changing the spark plug to checking the belts and inspecting the paddles, follow these steps recommended by Amanda Campana, Craftsman product manager for Sears, to keep your snow blower running smoothly when the next snowstorm hits.


  • Inspect belts for wear and tear, cracks, and replace if needed, remembering to take a photo before removing them so you'll know where they go.
  • Check auger paddles, shave plate, skid shoes, and shear pins for wear and damage, replacing or reversing them as necessary for optimal snow blower performance.
  • Change the spark plug by disconnecting it, checking for damage or deposits, and replacing if necessary.

Is your snow blower ready for winter?

Be ready before the next snow storm hits by performing some routine maintenance on your snow blower now. Follow the expert tips in this checklist of what to do before the first snowstorm.

snow blower maintenance tips

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Maintain Your Snow blower – 8 Things to Do Before the Snow Flies

1. Change the Spark Plug

Disconnect the plug from the lead, and remove it with a wrench. If there’s damage or deposits, replace it. If not, pop it back in – secure but not too tight.

2. Inspect the Belts

Did you find excessive wear and tear? Cracks? If so, replace them.

Tip: Snap a photo of the belts before you take them off so you’ll know exactly where they go.

3. Give the Paddles Their Due

The auger paddles are the hardest working parts on your snow blower, so check them often for wear and tear. If they don’t hit the ground anymore, replace them.

Tip: Order replacement parts from, or play it safe and call the pros at Sears Home Services.

4. Check the Shave Plate

This scrapes the snow off your driveway. If it’s worn on a single-stage snow blower, reverse it. For a two-stage snow blower, replace it.

5. Flip the Skid Shoes

These are the adjustable pieces on a two-stage snow blower that let you set the height of your auger. Most are reversible. If yours look worn, flip the over and use the other side, making a note to replace them next year.

6. See if Any Shear Pins are Damaged

Shear pins connect the auger to the gear case. Did you know they’re meant to break? It’s a safety feature – they’ll break if the auger and gear case are overloaded.

Tip: Keep several extras in the garage. You don’t want to have them break with no replacements on hand.

7. Change the Oil

Let the blower warm up to make the oil flow easier. Then turn it off, pull the drain plug and drain the oil into a container. Pop the plug back in and fill the machine up with oil.

8. Use Fresh Gas with Stabilizer

Fill ‘er up with fresh gas (you did remember to empty it last season, right?) and make sure to include fuel stabilizer. It’ll keep the gas fresh longer and help prevent clogs.

Remember to be safe when working with tools, and always protect yourself. If in doubt, call the pros at Sears Home Services.

Schedule snowblower maintenance now!

Ensure your snowblower is ready for winter with our thorough maintenance service, designed to keep it running smoothly and efficiently through the harshest weather conditions.

Call (213) 596-2538 or schedule online now.

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