7 Easy Appliance Makeover Ideas

By Terry Mehilos | Jun. 05, 2016 11:12 am PST

Tips to enhance the look of your appliances

If you want a colorful or stainless kitchen appliance, you’ll have to buy a new one, right? Wrong! Our surprisingly quick and affordable tips help you switch up the look of your appliances.

Are your bisque appliances giving you the blues? If you’re not quite ready to buy new, fear not. You don’t have to settle for drab. There are easy ways to spiff up your existing kitchen appliances without digging too deep into your pocketbook. Here’s how.

1. Replacement parts

Before you get creative with your appliances, make sure they’re all in good working order. Need a new icemaker for the fridge or a new silverware holder for the dishwasher? New knobs and replacement handles can also quickly and easily refresh the look of your current appliances. Visit SearsPartsDirect.com, have your model number handy, and fire away.

2. Appliance paint

Do you long for a bright red stove or a stainless steel fridge? You can have it with appliance paint. Brush it or spray it. (Hint: Spraying is easier.) If you’re painting your stove or range hood, make sure to get heat-resistant paint. And leave the stovetop as it is — even heat-resistant paint has its temperature limits. (Photo via Thomas’ Liquid Stainless Steel)


You could even use chalkboard paint to turn your appliances into custom canvases where you can keep lists and the kids can create art. (Photo via The Kurtz Corner) chalkboard fridge

3. Washi tape

Unleash your inner crafter with washi tape, the latest DIY craft craze. What is it? Think masking tape with designs and colors. Washi tape is made from trees native to Japan, and it’s as strong as duct tape. Get creative and use it to decorate your appliances with patterns, geometric designs, stripes or anything else your crafty heart desires. While there is heat-resistant washi tape available, be sure to check the temperature limit before applying it to an appliance that heats up, like your oven. (Photo via mt CASA)

washi tape

4. Stainless panels

You read that right. Stainless panels. They’re magnetic sheets that can be custom-trimmed to fit your appliances, and they’re a snap to install. (Photo via Fridge Fronts) fridge fronts

And, wait for it, they come in all sorts of sexy designs, prints and colors, not just silver. Your kitchen will be transformed in minutes, and you will think you died and went to hipster heaven. (Photo via Appliance Art)

fridge fronts

5. Fancy burner grates

Trick out your gas stove with some new burner grates. You can find them in all kinds of cool, geometric designs that will turn your stovetop into a work of art.

burner grates

6. Adhesive vinyl

Who knew there was such a thing as adhesive vinyl? Crafters, that’s who. It comes in sheets, and there is a rainbow of colors to choose from. Why use just one? Cut it into shapes, designs, even letters and create a work of art with your fridge or dishwasher door as your canvas. This product doesn’t fare well with extreme temps, so carefully read product instructions and steer clear of the oven and stove to be safe. (Photo via The Shabby Creek Cottage)

adhesive vinyl

7. Photos of friends and family

Go old school, get some colorful or funny magnets and cover the entire front of your fridge with photos of friends and family. Change it up often. You can even turn your personal photos or Instagrams into magnets. Hosting a dinner party? Cover it with snaps of your guests. It’ll turn your old fridge into a conversation piece that people will gather around. (Photo via Sticky9)

fridge photos

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