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The Essentials of Dishwasher Cleaning

The Importance of Professional Maintenance

Trust Sears Home Services for Your Appliance Maintenance and Repair Needs

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6 Dishwasher Maintenance Tips

4 min readUpdated Mar. 08, 2024Lyle WeischwillDishwasher
Dishwasher maintenance tips

You might think that because your dishwasher was made to clean that it doesn’t actually need to be cleaned itself. The fact is, your dishwasher requires regular upkeep to prevent issues and maintain efficiency. Discover how regular DIY dishwasher cleaning and annual professional maintenance from Sears Home Services can significantly benefit your dishwasher's longevity and functionality.


  • It's easy to extend the life of your dishwasher and help keep your dishes clean and sparkly with these DIY tips.
  • Giving your dishwasher a little TLC every now and then will keep it in tip-top shape and help it run smoothly for years to come.
  • Schedule annual professional maintenance by Sears Home Services to help keep your dishwasher running efficiently and lasting longer.

Vinegar, bleach…and Tang? These are just a few of the magic ingredients to help get a clean, functioning dishwasher that will last.

maintenance tips

The Essentials of Dishwasher Cleaning

Understanding the importance of dishwasher cleaning is pivotal for maintaining the its' efficiency and longevity. A dishwasher accumulates grease, soap scum, and food debris over time, which can affect its performance. Regular cleaning not only contributes to the effective operation of your dishwasher but also ensures that your dishes come out sparkling clean after every cycle. Here are a few tips for doing just that.

Clean Your Dishwasher With Vinegar

Pour 2 cups of vinegar in the bottom of the dishwasher and run a cycle. Mid-way through the cycle, stop the dishwasher for 15-20 minutes to let the vinegar work its magic, then resume the cycle.

Use Citrus Drink Mix to Clean Your Dishwasher

Fill your dishwasher detergent holder with powdered lemonade or other citrus drink mix and run an empty cycle. Not only will it freshen the smell, it also powers off mineral deposits.

Clean Spray Arm Holes

When you see debris clogging the holes in spray arms, clean the holes using a toothpick, bamboo skewer or needle-nose pliers. Be careful not to scratch the spray arms.

Soak the Filter

Most dishwashers have a removable filter on the bottom. Soak it in soapy water–or distilled vinegar for hard water deposits–and then rinse it off and reinstall it.

Wipe Around the Dishwasher Door Seal

Use a vinegar and water solutions and a rag (or even a soft toothbrush) to clean the door seal.

Tackle Mold with Bleach

Fill your dishwasher detergent holder with bleach and run a cycle in your empty dishwasher. Don't use bleach with other cleaners--especially not vinegar--and if your dishwasher's interior tub is stainless, don't use bleach (stick to the Citrus drink method).

The Importance of Professional Maintenance

Annual professional dishwasher maintenance service is more than a mere recommendation—it's a crucial investment in the longevity and efficiency of your appliance. When Sears Home Services technicians perform clean and maintain services, they meticulously inspect your dishwasher, ensuring that it operates at peak performance. This thorough examination not only boosts the appliance's cleaning power and energy efficiency but also proactively identifies any potential issues that could escalate into costly repairs down the line. This preventive approach saves you both time and money, sparing you the inconvenience of unexpected breakdowns and the need for more extensive repairs in the future.

Our team at Sears Home Services takes this responsibility seriously. Our experienced technicians are adept at extending the lifespan of your household appliances. They are not just skilled professionals; they are also dedicated allies in making your life easier and stress-free. By entrusting your dishwasher's maintenance to Sears, you gain more than just a service—you receive a commitment to excellence and a partnership geared towards ensuring your appliance serves you well for years to come. Our techs are not just fixing machines; they're safeguarding your home's efficiency and your family's convenience.

Proud experts of Sears Home Services

Trust Sears Home Services for Your Appliance Maintenance and Repair Needs

When it comes to keeping your dishwasher and other household appliances in peak condition, there's no substitute for the comprehensive care offered by Sears Home Services. Our expert repair professionals are dedicated to delivering exceptional solutions that keep your appliances running efficiently and reliably. Whether it's routine maintenance or urgent repairs, trust the experts at Sears Home Services to extend the life of your appliances and keep your home running smoothly.

Schedule your dishwasher maintenance now!

Regular dishwasher maintenance can help prevent costly breakdowns, reduce energy costs and extend the life of your appliance.

Call (213) 596-2538 or schedule online now.

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