6 Window Maintenance Tips and Infographic

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Maintain your home with these quick and easy tips for caulking, sealing and cleaning your windows.

Windows aren’t only a sizable investment, they’re a big part of the curb appeal of your home. It’s likely time to give your windows some much-needed TLC.

With the stress on your home that winter brings, now’s a great time to do some work on your windows. Maintaining your windows will not only help protect your investment and beautify your home, but it will help you defend your windows against harsh weather.

Here are some tips and tricks for easy window maintenance.

Window Care

6 Window Care & Cleaning Tips

1. Make a DIY cleaner


•2 cups water

•¼ cup vinegar

•½ teaspoon dish soap

TIP: Out of paper towels? Paper coffee filters are a streak-free substitute.

2. Use a sponge brush

It’s the perfect fit for tough-to-clean (and often-neglected) window tracks.

3. Deal with drafts

Touch up your windows with caulk to help prevent drafts and cut down on energy bills.

4. Spot-check the seals

If moisture accumulates between your panes, you’ve got a problem with the seal. Your window needs replacing.

5. Search and destroy rot

If you have wood frames, scrape out rotted bits and fill with epoxy putty.

6. Think vinyl

If you’re replacing windows, vinyl doesn’t need to be painted and won’t warp or crack. Plus, cleaning is a breeze!

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