5 Easy Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Bathroom remodeling ideas for 2017

It’s time to give your bathroom a new look. These easy, budget-friendly bathroom makeover ideas are sure to impress.

’Tis the season for hosting parties and gatherings with friends and family. Holiday entertaining gives the perfect excuse to spruce up your home and transform it into an updated, comfortable space for you and your guests. But the kitchen and family room shouldn’t get all the attention — it’s just as important to pay attention to the bathroom.

Here are five affordable bathroom makeover ideas to try this season.

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1. Revamp your vanity.

A vanity is not only a major functional component in your bathroom — it can dramatically impact the aesthetic of the room. Simply swapping out your old vanity for a new one is sure to make your bathroom feel brand-new. This essential unit comes in all shapes and sizes, so you have the power to customize it to your liking.

Another option: Change up your current vanity’s top and sink, suggests Sears director of product management Joe Maykut, for a quick refresh that doesn’t require you to replace the entire vanity.

2. Swap out hardware and accessories.

Installing new hardware is one of the simplest ways to quickly change the look and feel of your bathroom. Whether it’s a light fixture, showerhead, faucet, or cabinet knobs and pulls, take a step out of your comfort zone and try a new material or design. Hardware is a great place to take design and style risks, since it’s inexpensive and easy to swap in and out.

3. Install a new toilet.

It’s time to flush out the old and give your toilet the upgrade it deserves. The various shapes, sizes and designs available can certainly make a splash in your new bathroom. Make sure to have a backup plan in place during the time your toilet is unusable!

4. Play with paint.

You can dramatically change the entire feel of your bathroom with just the stroke of a brush.

Can’t decide on a color? Try putting a couple color samples up on the walls first and then living with them for a few days. It’ll help give you a better idea of which one you prefer.

5. Flaunt a new floor.

Replacing just a small part of the floor tile — whether it’s in the shower or the main bathroom area — will give your bathroom an instant face-lift. Sears Home Improvement offers a variety of flooring options — including tile, vinyl and laminate — so don’t be surprised if it’s hard to pick your favorite.

If you decide to go all in on your bathroom remodel, get started today with a free in-home consultation.

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