5 Cool Showerhead Features You Didn’t Know About

Showerhead innovations

From easy-to-clean nozzles to embedded Bluetooth speakers, it’s time your shower went high-tech.

It used to be that you’d have to go to a fancy spa for a truly luxurious shower. But now you can get it every morning at home — all you need is the right showerhead. Here are a few of the most innovative new shower experiences (yes, experiences) out there.

1. Touch-Clean showerheads make cleanup a cinch.

First, one nozzle clogs. Then another. And pretty soon you’re trying to rinse shampoo out of your hair with three sad little streams of water. If you’ve ever been frustrated by a showerhead that clogs over time, this is the technology for you. Touch-Clean showerheads are designed with soft rubber nubs that allow you to easily wipe away the lime and calcium that can build up and clog your faucet. You can find all sorts of styles with this technology: two-in-one, rain, traditional single heads, body spray units, handheld and more. The point is never to be standing under an ever-dwindling spray again.

2. Two-in-one showerheads offer the best of both worlds.

Two-in-one showerheads, like Delta’s In2ition, feature two separate showerheads nested into one. There’s a wall-mounted head that stays put and a removable handheld head that sits within it. These dual heads create a unique wave pattern that gives the feeling of more water — without actually using more water. They also have the advantage of being able to use a handheld head with a long cable, which is great for people who need the stability of a shower seat.

3. Flipstream variety is the spice of showering life.

What type of shower are you in the mood for? A drenching rainstorm? A soft and soothing soak? Bursts of massaging water for achy muscles? With Flipstream technology, you get all those options with one showerhead. Just flip the showerhead to the spray face you want.

4. Rite-Temp prevents rude hot and cold shower blasts.

If you’ve ever been surprised by suddenly scalding or freezing water in your shower (usually thanks to someone who flushes a nearby toilet or turns on the tap), Rite-Temp technology is for you. It regulates the temperature of the water in your shower, giving you an optimal comfort zone and preventing those horrid surprises. There’s also a high-temperature limit, just to make doubly sure you don’t get scalded.

5. Bluetooth shower speakers help you perfect your American Idol audition.

Dave Lincon, a kitchen and bath expert for Sears Home Services, is a man who knows his showerheads. What’s his pick for the coolest one on the market today? The Kohler Moxie showerhead with a Bluetooth speaker. Not only does the showerhead have 60 nozzles for a drenching spray, but it also includes a speaker you can sync via Bluetooth technology to play the music of your choice. You’ll never have to sing alone in the shower again.

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