12 Coolest New Kitchen Appliance Features

By Ian | Dec. 05, 2015 5:05 pm PST

New innovations in Kenmore appliances

Go gourmet — and save time — with the new Kenmore PRO line of fridges, ovens, dishwashers and microwaves.

There’s no need to go out to a restaurant or hire a personal chef to get a gourmet meal. With the new Kenmore PRO line of premium appliances, it’s never been easier to make everything you need at home.

The new lineup offers luxury performance with an affordable price tag. All of the appliances were designed with aspiring home chefs in mind, offering a foodie experience that’ll make you feel like a pro in the kitchen. Bonus: The standard size means you won’t have to take on a remodel to accommodate the new appliances. With a slew of innovative new technologies, here are a few of the coolest new features from the Kenmore PRO line:

1. Save time and cook food up to 40% faster — no preheat required, thanks to the Accela-Heat™ Technology. That way you can spend less time cooking and more time enjoying your dinner guests.

2. Get a perfectly cooked meal every time with Dual True Fan Convection. Even if your oven is filled to capacity, it’ll bake and brown food evenly.

3. Boil water faster with Turbo Boil Burners’ extra flame power. How many minutes of your life have you wasted waiting for water to boil? Now that watched pot will boil.

4. Cool the fridge and freezer separately with the innovative GeniusCool™ Technology. It’ll help maintain freshness and make freezer burn a thing of the past.

5. Seal in freshness to keep fruits and veggies fresher longer with the AirTight Crisper’s 360-degree seal that goes all the way around the drawer to lock in moisture. A MoistureLock grid helps capture even more moisture to maintain optimum humidity levels.

6. Free up space in your fridge with the Slim In-Door Ice Maker. This hidden ice maker means more room for your cocktail ingredients and a nearly endless supply of condiments.

7. Hold up to four bottles of wine in the Four-Bottle Cantilevered Wine Rack. This keeps those bottles off the shelf, allowing more room for your accompanying cheese plate.

8. Hit every hard-to-reach corner in your dishwasher. Let’s face it: The traditional circular spray arm is so 2015. The new Kenmore PRO 360° PowerWash Technology spray arm moves in a spiral pattern. Your dishes have never been cleaner.

9. No more pre-soaking dishes! The TurboZone with Rotating Spray Jets has four rotating and two stationary jets in the back of the bottom rack that blast baked-on food to get the best clean with the least amount of effort

10. Get your dishes even drier with SmartDry™ Technology. A new heating element and fan help evaporate moisture. Not sure which drying cycle to use? No worries — the new Kenmore PRO dishwashers automatically choose the best cycle.

11. Never run a dishwasher cycle twice again. Have you ever opened your dishwasher to find dirty water still lurking on dishes? The UltraWash HE Wash System uses a filter to remove food particles and prevent them from re-entering the dishwasher to keep water and dishes clean.

12. Get oven-cooked food even faster. The new Kenmore PRO convection microwave has CombiCook Technology that delivers convection oven results without the wait. Just pop your meal into the microwave — it’ll evenly brown and crisp food on the outside and cook it quickly and evenly on the inside. It’s practically magic!

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