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Humidifier and Dehumidifier Repair Service

A whole home humidifier works in conjunction with your furnace to maintain the optimum humidity level in your home. The humidifier control senses indoor relative humidity and outdoor temperature. It automatically adjusts the operation time of the humidifier to keep indoor air moist and comfortable.

When your humidifier isn’t working properly, schedule in-home service and Sears will send an HVAC technician to your home to fix the problem.

By drawing moisture from the air, a dehumidifier can protect your basement and other spaces from mold and mildew during hot weather. When your dehumidifier isn’t working follow the DIY troubleshooting steps on our Dehumidifier Repair Help page to solve the problem.

How to Maintain Your Humidifier

Annual professional maintenance of the humidifier and furnace is essential to safe and efficient operation of the HVAC system. Schedule professional furnace maintenance by Sears to keep your system in top shape and lasting longer.

Most humidifiers have a water distribution tray above the water panel, which needs to be inspected annually. The tray typically builds up mineral deposits from water. Mineral deposits need to be cleaned out of the distribution tray every year to keep the humidifier working efficiently.

Additionally, the water supply line needs to be inspected and serviced annually.

  1. Disconnect the electrical power to the HVAC system and humidifier.
  2. Shut off the water supply to the humidifier.
  3. Disconnect the water line by removing the inlet compression nut.
  4. Remove the in-line strainer from inside the inlet side of the valve by using a small wire.
  5. Flush the in-line strainer thoroughly or replace it with a new strainer.
  6. Reconnect the inlet water line and tighten it securely.
  7. Disconnect the water feed tube by removing the outlet compression nut.
  8. Inspect the water feed tube. Look for cracks or signs of wear. Replace water feed tube if necessary.
  9. Inspect the water feed tube orifice. Clear the orifice opening if it’s clogged or restricted with debris or deposits.
  10. Reconnect the water feed tube and tighten it securely.
  11. Remove the drain line from the bottom of the humidifier. Inspect the drain line and replace it if it’s cracked or damaged. Flush the drain line with water to remove any clogs and debris. Reinstall it and make sure it drains water properly.
  12. Restore electrical power to the HVAC system and the humidifier. Open the water supply valve for the humidifier.

Completing humidifier maintenance yourself can be risky. Missing a single detail can cause leaks or a malfunction in the humidifier. Have a Sears Technician professionally maintain your humidifier and furnace to keep it operating properly all season long.

When your humidifier isn’t working, trust Sears to repair it quickly and efficiently. Same-day and next-day repair appointments are available in many areas.

How to Fix Common Dehumidifier Problems

We have the DIY troubleshooting advice you need to fix your dehumidifier when it doesn't remove moisture, won't turn on or has excessive frost on the coil. Use the tips below to help you find out what's wrong and fix your dehumidifier.

Why won’t my dehumidifier turn on?

When the dehumidifier doesn't turn on, first test that the electrical outlet works by plugging a lamp or small appliance into it. If there's no electricity to the outlet, reset the house circuit. If the electrical outlet works, the problem could be in the dehumidifier's internal wiring, electronic control board or the user interface control board in the control panel.

Why won’t my dehumidifier run?

Check the water collection bucket. If the collection bucket is in the wrong position or full of water, the dehumidifier shuts off and won't turn back on. Check the bucket position and empty the bucket if it's full. Reposition the bucket properly if necessary.

A failed user interface control board or bad electronic control board could also prevent the dehumidifier from running. Replace either or both of these components if they’re bad.

Why is there frost on my dehumidifier's coil?

Frost or ice can build up on the evaporator coil if the unit has recently been turned on or if the room is too cold. The room temperature should be at least 65 degrees Fahrenheit for the dehumidifier to operate properly. If room temperature is below 65 degrees, frost can coat the dehumidifier’s evaporator coil and the unit won’t work efficiently.

If frost builds up on the evaporator coil and it won’t remove moisture when room temperature is above 65 degrees, then you may need to replace the electronic control board because the board isn’t defrosting the evaporator coil to remove moisture.

Why doesn't my dehumidifier remove moisture?

Dehumidification is sometimes a slow and deliberate process. After you first plug in the dehumidifier, give it 3 to 4 days to reach and maintain the humidity level you set.

Here are additional tips to help resolve the problem:

  • To allow adequate air flow, place the dehumidifier at least 6 inches from walls.
  • So the dehumidifier can work efficiently, clean the air filter and grille if it's dirty.
  • If the dehumidifier's capacity is too small for the space, it can't remove humidity adequately; consider adding another dehumidifier to the area.

Why does my dehumidifier run all the time?

If the dehumidifier runs continually and constantly collects water, it's likely that the dehumidifier's capacity is too low for the space; add another dehumidifier to the space to increase the water-collection capacity.

A defective humidity sensor can also cause the dehumidifier to run constantly. If the evaporator is iced up and not defrosting, you may need to replace the dehumidifier defrost sensor, because the unit won't collect water if the evaporator is iced up.

If you see no frost on the evaporator while the dehumidifier is running, and the dehumidifier isn't collecting water, the dehumidifier may be low on refrigerant or the compressor may be defective.

If you’re seeing other problems with your dehumidifier not described above, check out the DIY advice on our Dehumidifier Repair Help page. You’ll find troubleshooting advice to resolve additional failure that can occur in dehumidifiers.




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