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Refrigerator repair near me

GE Cafe Refrigerator Repair

We're in your neighborhood, and we'll fix it no matter where you bought it.

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Expert GE Cafe refrigerator repair service

The experts at Sears Home Services are industry leaders in home appliance repair. Not many appliance repair companies can say that they've serviced over a million refrigerators every year, but our experienced technicians proudly stand by that stat.

You can count on us for repairs and maintenance of all kinds. Regular upkeep can reduce the likelihood of costly GE Cafe appliance breakdowns in the future. It can also save homeowners a lot of money over the lifespan of their refrigerator.

Sears Home Services is the authorized service provider for all GE Cafe appliances. Set up service online or give us a call if you need a range, dishwasher or refrigerator repair, and we’ll fix your GE Cafe appliance using official Kenmore parts to keep your product in top shape.

Common GE Cafe refrigerator repair issues that we fix

When you need help with a GE Cafe refrigerator problem, call on the appliance repair experts at Sears Home Services. Our repair technicians will be there to service your fridge problems big or small. During the service call, they'll recommend options for ongoing maintenance, troubleshoot common issues, and make repairs. We stock most GE Cafe appliance parts and tools, so it's easier for our teams to handle repairs fast.

Refrigerator not cooling

Cooling issues in a GE Cafe refrigerator can be caused by clogged coils, a bad condenser fan, or failing gaskets. First check to see if food packaging is blocking the vents. If that tip doesn’t help restore cooling, call the repair technicians at Sears Home Services to take a closer look and fix the problem.

GE Cafe refrigerator is running constantly

When it sounds like your GE Cafe refrigerator is always running, it may be due to dirty or dusty coils, a faulty defrost timer, or failing control relays. Start by checking the temperature settings on your fridge. If that doesn't help, reach out to schedule service with the experts at Sears Home Services.

Refrigerator leaking water

An experienced technician can easily diagnose why a GE Cafe refrigerator is leaking. Water leaks are often caused by a clogged defrost drain. In some cases, you might need a new water inlet valve for your water dispenser. During service, the repair technician can also rule out a cracked defrost drain pan, bad water valve, and leaky water line connections.

Ice maker not working

It's common for GE Cafe refrigerators to eventually stop making ice over time. This can be caused by a faulty ice maker assembly, ice clogs in the fill tube, and water supply problems. Our repair technicians know just what to look for when the ice maker on your GE Cafe appliance isn't working as expected.

Refrigerator maintenance

Scheduling regular professional appliance maintenance service on your GE Cafe refrigerator helps to ensure that it works efficiently and effectively for a long time. Routine GE Cafe refrigerator maintenance can also prevent costly, unexpected repairs. The experts at Sears Home Services can also help you learn more about the Kitchen Appliance Check-up package and Home Warranty options.

Why choose Sears Home Services for GE Cafe fridge repair?

We know GE Cafe refrigerators

Sears Home Services experts are certified in servicing GE Cafe refrigerators, as well as refrigerators and major appliances from other manufacturers. If you want a regular maintenance plan or need help troubleshooting a major issue, trust that our experienced technicians can help you keep your GE Cafe fridge running well.

Flexible scheduling

Performance issues can appear quickly with many appliances. The certified experts at Sears Home Services are here to help. Flexible scheduling online or over the phone makes it easier for you to plan for maintenance or request same-day or next-day repair service.

Appointment updates

We know how helpful it is to receive confirmations or changes about your GE Cafe service appointment. When you've scheduled service, rest assured you'll get all the updates you need via text, email, or phone-whichever you prefer.

Protection plans

Appliances are an investment for your home, and warranties and protection plans can help ensure long appliance lifespans. Protect your GE Cafe refrigerator by asking your certified tech about our Home Warranty appliance plans. With a single protection plan, you can get the coverage you need for multiple appliances in your home.

GE Cafe Refrigerator is quick and easy

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