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1500 Robinson Center Dr Reviews

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Average Rating: 4/5 (2 reviews)
August 07, 2023
Overall rating

I am exceedingly happy with sear service! Marvin was here on time low worked fast and efficient and very professional. Cleaned up after himself and greeted me goodbye.

Barbara M, Pittsburgh, PA

LG Refrig compressor replacement
August 09, 2023
Overall rating

Donald B was a very young man and a Sears repair guy for only 6 months. He was on time (3:00 PM) and brought many tools and tanks. He was here for 4 hours. During that time, I could not get to my small kitchen to make dinner or to feed the dogs. In order to do these tasks, I had to go out the front door, around to the side carport and into the side door of the kitchen. Once I prepared a small dinner for my very ill husband, I had to tray it and carry it outside and around to the front door entrance. He struggled to move the refrigerator out from its location and could not push it back to properly level it. I'll give it that it was a very big unit, but he should have asked for help with this visit. I now have to rely on family to do the leveling and that could be a few more days added without a refrigerator in the kitchen. I have very bad knees and walking is often a challenge. When he was done (7:00 pm) and as he left the kitchen with his hands full of his tools and debris from the job, a box fell from his hands and leaked a watery like substance, it was oil. He did take time to clean it up with the paper towels I gave him. I realize accidents happen but I'm sure the small stain left on my steps and carport floor will clean up in time. I understand I have 90 days from today to report any issues. He was a nice kid and represented the company with professionalism. I just worry that he was in over his head with this repair. I waited several days for this appt., and I would have thought the appointment should have been scheduled first thing in the morning. Thank you for letting me vent.

Barbara M, Pittsburgh, PA

Average Rating: 4/5 (2 reviews)

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