The Benefits of Regular Washing Machine Maintenance

By Lyle Weischwill | Jan. 03, 2024 1:00 am PST

Image showing homeowner enjoying the benefits of a well-maintained washing machine

Your washing machine is a reliable household workhorse that manages a substantial portion of daily chores. Spend just a week without it, and the true value of this appliance becomes clearly evident.

Considering its continuous activities such as filling, sloshing, draining, and spinning, it’s crucial to prioritize regular washing machine cleaning and maintenance. Neglecting this upkeep could lead to your washer faltering in its essential task of handling heavy laundry loads.

In addition to keeping your washer running, you’ll enjoy these benefits when you regularly maintain your washing machine.

Extended Washer Lifespan

Here are ways that regular washer maintenance helps extend the life of your washing machine:

  • Regularly cleaning the drum to remove detergent buildup and residue helps prevent premature wear of the tub seal, bearing and drive motor. For belt-driven washers, it also reduces wear on the drive belt. Use a washer cleaner such as Affresh to keep residue from building up and causing excessive wear on washer components.
  • Clearing the drain pump filter regularly will reduce wear and tear on the drain pump. Refer to your user manual to locate and clean this filter regularly. Coins and debris buildup in the filter can rub against the drain pump impeller and break that component or put excessive strain on the drain pump motor.
  • Checking the washer drain and keeping the drain hose clear of clogs will help prevent excessive wear on the drain pump and drive system. Water backing up in the drain will cause more resistance and wear out the drain pump and drive motor faster.
  • Levelling the washer will prevent excessive vibration that can damage parts such as the door or lid switch, drive belt and wire harness connectors. Make sure that your washer is stable as you adjust leveling legs. You should be able to push down firmly on opposing corners of the washer and feel no vertical movement when levelling legs are adjusted properly.

For even longer washer life, have the machine professionally cleaned and maintained yearly by a Sears Home Services Technician.

Image of washer working properly after regular maintenance

Less Mechanical Breakdowns

Regularly maintaining your washer will help you uncover potential problems before they become major failures. Here are some specific examples:

  • Checking fill hoses regularly will help you spot cracks or wear so you can replace the water fill hoses before they spring leaks and flood your laundry room and home.
  • You can spot deposits and wear on water seals and gaskets before they leak when you regularly maintain your washing machine. Cleaning or replacing a dirty or worn gasket will prevent major leaks.
  • Keeping the drain path clear will help prevent the drain pump from failing. It will also help prevent the drive motor, tub bearing and drive belt from breaking.

Lower Energy Bills

Keeping the washer in top shape will help it run efficiently and use less energy. Conversely, clogs in the drain system will cause strain on the drain pump and drive motor – causing them to use more electric current to run. Keep your washer clean and the drain system clear through regular maintenance so motors run smoothly and use less electric current.

When your washer is well-maintained and spinning water out of the clothes properly, you’ll notice that clothes dry faster in your dryer so you’ll also save energy with shorter dry times.

Image of washer that has spun out clothes properly

Less Wear and Tear on Your Dryer

As noted above, when a well-maintained washer spins water out of clothes thoroughly, the dryer can dry the clothes faster so your dryer will last longer with less wear and tear. Laundry loads will also be lighter when the washer spins water out of the garments efficiently.

Preservation of Clothing

A well-maintained washing machine is less likely to cause damage to your clothing. Issues like rough edges in the drum or malfunctions in the agitator can lead to tears and fabric damage. Regular washing machine maintenance helps prevent such problems.

Image of homeowner wiping mildew and residue out of door boot

Improved Safety

Safety is a crucial consideration in washing machine maintenance. Regular checks and inspections can identify any safety hazards, such as damaged electrical components, shorted wires or leaking hoses, preventing accidents and ensuring the safe operation of the washer.

Cleaning the drum, gasket, and filters regularly helps prevent the growth of mold and mildew to help maintain a more hygienic washing environment.

It’s best to have a Sears Home Services Technician inspect, clean and maintain your washer yearly to help prevent any accidents and unsafe conditions in your home.

By incorporating regular maintenance into your washing machine care routine, you can enjoy these benefits and the peace of mind that your washer is in top shape.

You can trust Sears Home Services to help you keep your washer and all of your home appliances working efficiently and lasting longer.

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