How to Prevent Lint on Clothes after Washing

By Terry Mehilos | Feb. 01, 2018 10:11 am PST

Avoid the annoyance of getting lint on your clothes from the washer by watching this troubleshooting video.

Lint on clothing even after it’s been washed is one of the most common complaints homeowners have when it comes to laundry. What’s the point of washing your clothes if they’ve got unsightly lint all over them when you pull them out of the washing machine?

Fear not: We’ve asked the experts at Sears to offer some helpful solutions on what could cause lint to get on your clothes during the wash cycle — and how to help avoid that annoyance in the first place.

Watch our video to learn some hacks for preventing lint on clothes.

How to Avoid Lint on Clothes from Your Washing Machine

  1. Sort lint-givers (like towels and chenille) from lint-takers (like corduroy and synthetics).

  2. Don’t overload the machine. This can trap lint.

  3. Empty pockets of items like tissues or paper, which can leave lint behind.

  4. Keep water above 60ºF and use the right amount of detergent. TIP! Water that’s too cold may not dissolve the detergent, which helps remove lint.

  5. Use a slower speed cycle. TIP! High-speed cycles can break down fabric fibers, causing more lint.

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