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Log splitter repair services near me

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Log Splitter Repair

When your log splitter isn't working, don't kick it to the curb. Whether your log splitter won't start or it's leaking fluid, Sears Home Services has the DIY troubleshooting guidance to help you diagnose the problem and fix it fast.

Why won't my log splitter's hydraulic cylinder extend the wedge?

A broken flexible pump coupler, clogged hydraulic fluid filter, failed hydraulic control valve, broken hydraulic pump or faulty hydraulic cylinder can prevent the hydraulic cylinder from extending the wedge on a log splitter.

Check the Flexible Pump Coupler

The flexible pump coupler connects the engine drive shaft to the hydraulic pump. The coupler is designed to break if the hydraulic pump seizes up, protecting the engine from damage. Because the flexible coupler is plastic, the coupler can deteriorate over time and crack or break.

Access and examine the pump coupler:

  1. Disconnect the spark wire so there's no chance that the log splitter engine could accidentally start.
  2. Remove the hydraulic pump. Remove the bolts that secure the pump to the flexible pump coupler shield and pull the pump off the engine.
  3. Slide the coupling shield off of the hex-head bolts on the side of the engine.

Check the flexible pump coupler and replace it if it's broken or damaged.

Check the Hydraulic Pump

If the flexible coupler broke, try to rotate the hydraulic pump drive shaft with the drive shaft disconnected from the engine drive shaft to check for a locked-up hydraulic pump.

If you can't rotate the hydraulic pump shaft, you'll likely need to replace the hydraulic pump. You'll also need to replace the hydraulic pump if it's leaking hydraulic fluid because the pump can't build up hydraulic fluid pressure to extend the wedge to split a piece of wood if its seals leak.

Look for Hydraulic Leaks

Hydraulic fluid leaking from the hydraulic control valve or hydraulic cylinder often indicates that the leaking part has failed. You'll likely need to replace the control valve and/or cylinder if they leak hydraulic fluid.

Check the Hydraulic Fluid Filter

Although it doesn't happen often, a clogged hydraulic fluid filter can impede hydraulic fluid flow and prevent the cylinder from extending the wedge. Check the hydraulic fluid filter and replace the filter if it's clogged.

Why won't my log splitter's engine start?

A dirty carburetor, bad gasoline, failed spark plug or broken recoil starter can prevent the log splitter engine from starting.

  • Stale gas won't start the engine. If you left gas in the fuel tank for more than 6 months without adding fuel stabilizer, drain the tank and fill it with fresh gas. Add fuel stabilizer to gas to keep it fresh.

  • Bad gasoline can clog the carburetor, so clean and rebuild the carburetor if the engine doesn't start after replacing the gas in the fuel tank. Replace the carburetor if it's too clogged to clean.

  • A dirty spark plug won't ignite the fuel to start the engine. Complete a full tune-up that includes replacing the spark plug, air filter and oil.

  • If the recoil starter won't spin the engine when you pull the starter rope, then you'll likely need to replace the recoil starter.

How to Replace a Log Splitter Carburetor

The carburetor mixes air and fuel into a combustible mixture that ignites in the cylinder to power the engine. If the engine won’t start and the tank is full of fresh fuel, remove the air filter and pour about a teaspoon of fuel into the carburetor. If the engine starts and then quickly dies when you pull the starter rope, or if gas pours out of the carburetor, the problem is most likely the carburetor.

Follow these steps to replace the carburetor.

  1. Move the log splitter to a well-ventilated area. Disconnect the spark plug wire so there's no chance that the log splitter engine could accidentally start.
  2. Release the spring clamp that secures the fuel supply line to the fuel tank.
  3. Disconnect the fuel supply line from the fuel tank and drain the fuel from the fuel tank into an approved container.
  4. Remove the two mounting screws securing the silencer plate to the top of the carburetor and remove the silencer plate.
  5. Remove the two cap nuts that secure the air cleaner housing and the carburetor to the carburetor mounting studs. Remove the 10mm mounting bolt from the top of the air cleaner housing.
  6. Disconnect the vent hose from the valve cover. Pull the air cleaner housing off of the carburetor.
  7. Disconnect the throttle rod and governor spring from the carburetor.
  8. Remove the carburetor and disconnect the fuel line from the carburetor.
  9. Connect the fuel line to the new carburetor and mount the carburetor on the engine.
  10. Reverse the above steps to reassemble the log splitter. Reconnect the spark plug wire.

Where can I Find Log Splitter Repair Near Me?

Schedule a local service provider to repair your log splitter on
We have outdoor power equipment experts in your area.

  1. Search for a service provider near you.
  2. Find a repair expert in your local area that can repair your log splitter.
  3. Book the service to get a pro on their way to your home. You can track their progress when they’re on the way.
  4. Have the service provider complete the repair service. You don’t pay until the job is done right.

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