Why Should I Use a Vetted Home Service Provider?

By Lyle Weischwill | Aug. 26, 2022 5:54 am PST

Image of a Sears Technician.

Any time that you invite a service provider into your home, you’re taking a security risk. How do you significantly minimize the risk to your family and neighbors?

Always use a vetted home services provider.

What is Vetting?

Vetting is a hiring and retention process that ensures than an employer (Sears) hires and keeps high-quality who can help achieve company objectives while working safely and securely in customers’ homes.

The vetting process at Sears Home Services begins with the application process and continues through the length of employment for service providers.

Here are the essential aspects of the vetting process at Sears.

Ensuring Applicant Information is Accurate

The first component of the vetting process is ensuring that all the previous job history and information provided by service provider applicants is accurate and truthful. Sears checks education records and previous job history to make sure we have knowledgeable and experienced service providers. Sears does hire applicants with limited experience in certain positions, but previous employment history is always verified. Additionally, references provided by the applicant are checked.

Background Checks

Along with verifying job history and education, Sears thoroughly checks the criminal background and credit history of applicants before deciding whether to make a job offers. Criminal background checks are a standard component of the hiring process for legitimate home service providers.

Customers feel safe knowing that employees are thoroughly screened for employment. The safety of fellow employees is also safeguarded when applicants’ backgrounds are thoroughly checked. Having employees with a track record of success helps everyone involved in the home services business.

Skills Assessments

Sears Home Services conducts assessments to determine skill levels of applicants for many home service jobs. Understanding an applicant’s ability to perform a job is key to the employment screening process.

Sears seeks to hire the best applicants to serve our customers’ needs. Hiring applicants with the basic skill needed to excel helps Sears continue to provide top-notch home services.

Why is Vetting Important?

You trust Sears Home Services to send honest, competent and dependable service providers into your home. Our thorough vetting process screens out undesirable applicants. We only want to send the best service providers into your home. We never want to put your safety at risk.

Vetting applicants thoroughly also helps us hire exceptional talent that we need as we continue to expand Sears Home Services. Vetting also helps Sears operate efficiently so we can complete home service projects and repairs on time and as promised.

By performing thorough employee vetting with due-diligence, Sears Home Services has established itself as an honest and dependable provider of home service solutions.

Whether you need in-home repair or you have a home improvement project to complete, select the pros at Sears Home Services to deliver safe, quality workmanship.

What Can I Do If I Encounter a Problem?

If you encounter a problem with a Sears Home Services service provider, we want to hear from you. Use the information on our Contact Sears Home Services page to get in touch with us about your concern. You can also call Sears Customer Service at 1 (800) 697-3277 to discuss a problem with your service.

Sears Home Services wants you to be completely satisfied with our service.

For home improvement services, products that we install typically offer one year of labor protection and a product warranty of at least one year up to a lifetime depending on the product. Speak with a Sears Customer Service representative if you have any problems with Sears Home Improvement products or services.

Sears Home Services strives to provide you with the best and safest products and services to help you enjoy your home. Whatever your home needs, we’ve got you covered.

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