Where Can I Get Same Day Appliance Repair?

By Lyle Weischwill | Jan. 10, 2023 7:40 am PST

When you need to get an appliance repaired fast — as in right now, schedule service on our website and we’ll have our Sears expert at your door as soon as today.

Sears has thousands of experienced service technicians throughout the country that can fix any appliance in your home — no matter where you bought it.

Get the quick and dependable Sears repair service that you need to have your appliance working again in no time.

What is Sears doing to provide fast appliance repair service?

Right people, right place, right resources. Sears uses a holistic business strategy to provide the fastest and most reliable appliance repair possible.

Ryan Alexander, President of In-Home Repair, describes Sears’ approach for providing exceptional appliance service. “When an appliance breaks down, the most important thing a customer needs is to have it repaired quickly by someone they can trust. We work hard to make sure we have the right people with the right resources in the right place so we can get there faster and fix it the first time more often.”

Here are some of the key tactics we use to make sure that you have same-day and next-day repair appointments available.

Thousands of Service Technicians

Sears employs over 6,000 service technicians nationwide to provide the repair capacity we need to offer same-day service appointments in many areas. As we continue to grow, we’re adding over a dozen technicians to our staff every week. More technicians give us the ability to schedule service faster — so we can often have a Sears expert at your door the same day your appliance breaks.

Experience Counts

We recognize that experienced technicians know how to complete appliance repairs quickly so they can visit more homes per day. They also complete repairs right the first time so that we don’t need to revisit homes to correct a repair.

  • We hire technicians that want to spend their entire career with Sears — and many do.
  • Sears Technicians average 11 years of experience.
  • The tech that arrives at your door for same-day service will have several years of on-hand experience or will have been expertly trained by someone who does.

Sears Keeps Common Replacement Parts Readily Available

Sears Technicians keep ample stock of the most common repair parts needed in their repair van. This eliminates the need for second visits to customers’ homes to finish repairs. Completing repairs in a single visit frees up repair capacity to offer same-day service (and keeps your capacity open for doing more than waiting for repair technicians).

Our team constantly analyzes and adjusts technicians’ truck stock of parts to optimize our repair performance, ensuring the most current commonly used repair parts are the ones available.

Image showing a Sears Technician using GoToAsssist SeeIt app

Techs Use the Latest Technology

Sears Technicians make the most of their smart phones with the innovative GoToAssist SeeIt app to help them fix appliances faster. In the event a technician faces an unfamiliar appliance issue, they can use the SeeIt app to show remote master technicians exactly what they see and receive step-by-step instructions to complete the repair – during the first visit. This app and additional technology that Sears Techs use help expand the repair capacity that we have to get that technician to your door the same day that your appliance breaks down.

Sears is committed to continuous process improvement so that we can meet and exceed the needs of our customers – including you.

Let Sears Be Your Trusted Advisor for Appliance Wellness

When you have a Sears Technician in your home, you’ll have options for Clean & Maintain Services that will help keep your appliances in top shape and lasting longer.

Clean & Maintain Services also help keep your appliances from breaking down. When you let Sears help you keep your appliances in top shape, we’ll spend less time completing preventable repairs and you’ll spend less time (and money) stressing about them.

Offering Clean & Maintain Services is another key approach that we use to expand our repair capacity so we can get to your home the same day to make a repair when an appliance does break down.

You don’t have to wait for an appliance to break to schedule Sears Clean & Maintain Service. Get more information about our professional maintenance services and schedule service for your appliances on our Maintenance & Tune Ups page today.

Trust Sears Home Services to help you keep all appliances in your home working smoothly – and to be there right away when they don’t.

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