What to Know Before Getting New Windows

By Erin Hynes | Aug. 10, 2017 6:53 am PST

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If you’re considering replacement windows, check out these expert answers to your questions about energy efficiency, vinyl windows, double-pane windows, curb appeal and maintenance.

If your house has outdated windows, there’s a good chance you’re wasting energy. In the summer, you’re air conditioning the neighborhood, and in winter, wind whistles in through the window edges. You’ve been putting it off for years, but the time may have finally come to purchase new windows.

There are so many things to consider — style, materials, color, energy efficiency—you might not know where to start. It’s great to have a rep come to your home, listen to your needs and concerns, and help you make the right choice. Sears can do that, says Dave Lincon, a home improvement expert for Sears Home Services. He offers some tips on what to know before replacing your windows.

Q: What do I need to know about energy efficiency?

A: First, when we talk about windows, we’re talking about the whole package—glass, frame and the components that hold it all together. Aside from being something you see through and that lets in light, windows can help protect you from outside temperatures.

Most of Sears’ windows are double pane—and we do have a triple-glazed window in some areas, which further helps to reduce heat loss and is part of many game changing window innovations.

Q: What windows are best for increasing curb appeal?

A: Nine times out of 10, whatever new windows you put in will look better than what you’re replacing, because the windows your have are probably scratched, dingy or covered in chipped paint. However, window replacement costs will vary depending on the type of windows you select to be installed.

Most people replace like with like, but when improving your curb appeal, be aware that that aluminum windows are no longer allowed in some areas, because of current building codes and energy standards.

Q: What are the benefits of vinyl windows?

A: Sears only sells vinyl replacement windows. Maintenance is the number-one benefit of vinyl windows. They don’t need to be painted; they won’t fade, warp, bleed or crack. Compared to wood, you don’t have to worry about rot or termites, and they’re easy to clean with soap and water.

Q: What window styles does Sears carry?

A: We have good, better and best options in double-hung, slider, picture, casement, bay, awning — pretty much any style and size window.

The “good” option is single-strength glass — two panes of 1/16-inch-thick glass separated by an argon gas-filled space. It comes in any style in white, tan or clay.

The “better” option has a thicker, more reinforced frame with foam-filled sashes to help with energy efficiency. Each pane of the double-pane window is 1/8-inch thick. Also filled with argon gas, it comes in a larger choice of colors and with a wood grain option as well as a unique locking system.

Our “best” option has security glass — a 1/8-inch glass pane, then an argon-filled space, then a 1/16-inch glass pane followed by a thin piece of laminate and another 1/16-inch glass pane. It can crack but it won’t break.

You can get tempered glass to meet building codes and for increased security in any of our series — good, better or best.

Q: Are the windows covered by a warranty?

A: We have a labor warranty that’s two, three or five years, depending on whether you’ve chosen the good, better or best option. There’s a lifetime limited warranty on all three options on the frame and hardware.

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