Sears Tech Tip for Keeping Your AC Running

By Lyle Weischwill | May. 20, 2022 7:34 am PST

Sears Technicians run lots of service calls on central air conditioners during the summer. Many service calls result from a clogged drain pipe.

Mold, snails or other obstructions can build up in the air conditioner drain pipe and eventually clog it up. When water backs up in the drain pipe, it can trip the float switch on many central air conditioners—causing the unit to shut off the cooling. The fan will often keep running but the AC unit won’t blow cold air. Your home will get hot quickly in the summer once the cooling shuts off.

Fix the AC Problem Yourself

Fortunately, you may be able to fix this air conditioner problem yourself. Watch this video from our Sears Techs that show how deal with a drain pipe clog:

Although we’re glad to send a Sears Tech to your home to deal with this sort of air conditioner problem, we want you to know how you may be able fix a simple problem yourself and restore cooling more quickly in your home.

Schedule Air Conditioner Service

If you’re not comfortable clearing out a clogged drain pipe or you need to fix a different air conditioner problem, schedule a service call and we’ll send a technician right out to your home to fix the AC.

To keep the drain pipe from clogging, pour 1 cup of liquid chlorine bleach or white vinegar down the drain pipe monthly (as shown in the video).

In addition to keeping your air conditioner’s drain pipe cleared, schedule regular professional maintenance to help keep your central air conditioning system running at its best.

Routine AC maintenance will help prevent costly repairs and can make your air conditioner run more efficiently. Sears AC Maintenance includes:

  • Checking the evaporator for adequate air flow.
  • Examining the condenser coil and cleaning it, if needed.
  • Checking and cleaning the drain pipe.
  • Lubricating the blower motor, if necessary.
  • Making sure the system controls work properly.
  • Checking all electrical connections and components.

The Sears Technician will review your thermostat settings and advise you on the air filter condition during the AC maintenance service.

Become a Sears Technician

Performing maintenance and making repairs on HVAC systems is a rewarding career. If this type of work interests you and you want to join our Sears Home Services team, apply today to become a Sears Technician.

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