How to Become a Successful Appliance Technician

By Lyle Weischwill | May. 12, 2023 1:27 pm PST

Helpful tips to follow when you choose to pursue a career as an in-home service tech

Get the Necessary Education and Training

Most in-home service technician roles require a high school diploma or equivalent. Make sure you get that basic education. You’ll need to be able to read and understand technical manuals to thrive as a technician. If you don’t have your high-school diploma, get a GED to complete this basic education requirement.

Another basic requirement for an in-home service technician is to have a driver’s license and a clean driving record. Get your driver’s license and drive responsibly to be prepared to step into a repair van and run a route as a service technician.

Vocational Training

Completing a vocational training program in electronics, appliance repair or HVAC systems will provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to compete for jobs in the service tech industry.

  • Electronics Training. Taking courses in electronics will train you on reading electrical schematics and wiring diagrams. You’ll learn how to analyze electrical circuits and diagnose appliance failures.
  • Appliance Repair Vocational Training. Some technical schools offer specific courses in appliance repair. Get hands-on technical training to diagnose and repair appliances.
  • HVAC Certification. Taking HVAC technical training courses and getting your Environmental Protection Agency Section 608 Technician Certification for Refrigerant Handling and Recovery is a huge advantage when you’re seeking a job as a service technician. Being certified to handle HVAC refrigerant is a federal requirement for all air conditioning and refrigeration technicians.

Some employers may also require certification in specific areas such as plumbing or electrical work.

Get as much education, training and certifications as you can to help you land a job as a service technician. Employers are often anxious to hire well-educated and trained applicants.

Image of technicians training

DIY Learning

You can find plenty of appliance repair learning resources on the internet. Use the web to stay on top of current trends and common fixes. Watch DIY videos that show how to diagnose appliance failures and install parts. Find and read service manuals tech sheets for common appliances such as Kenmore washers and Whirlpool dishwashers. Understand how they work and how to fix them. Take charge of your personal development to make your job as a service technician easier.

Our Sears PartsDirect website and YouTube channel have tons of DIY troubleshooting and repair advice that isn’t just for novices. You can find advice and procedures that can help you professionally diagnose and repair appliances easier on our website and YouTube channel. Use these and similar resources to excel as a service technician. As a service technician, you’ll never stop learning.

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Gain Hands-On Experience

To get started as a service technician, you’ll typically need to begin as an intern or gain experience in a related field. Although many employers (including Sears) train entry-level technicians (depending on location), you have a better chance of getting hired by having some type of service work experience.

If you attend a technical school, participate in any internships available so you can get up to speed on diagnosing and repairing appliances. Sometimes, you can easily move from an intern role to a technician position within the same company.

If you’re unable to participate in internship programs, get your service technician career started by landing an entry-level job such as a maintenance technician or service tech apprentice.

You may need to get your career started in a similar field to get entry-level service experience. Some appliance technicians started by installing cable or working at an automobile oil change business.

Once you get your foot in the door of a company as a service technician, learn all that you can to develop your career. Participate fully in training and get the hands-on experience you need to be confident in your job.

Build Your Customer Service and Sales Skills

Developing good business relationships with your customers will make your job as a service technician much easier. You’ll also be able to excel in sales when you treat customers with respect and courtesy. Pay close attention to sales and customer service training when you begin your career and hone your customer relationship skills so that you can sell more add-on products and earn more money and incentives as a technician.

Be a Self-Starter

In-home service technicians are often required to work independently, take initiatives and solve problems on their own. Take personal ownership of your route and business. Learn to be comfortable working independently and gain confidence at making sound decisions in a fast-paced environment. Get to know your business and customers well so you can easily overcome obstacles to succeed on your own.

Stay Organized and Professional

Dress for success. In-home service technicians are the face of their company when interacting with customers. It’s important to maintain a professional appearance at all times.

Keep your tools and truck stock neat and organized so you can quickly find what you need. Stay well-stocked on the parts you need to complete common appliance repairs in one trip. You’ll make it easy on yourself by staying neat and organized when running your routes.

Hit all of these pillars of success and you’ll build a long and rewarding career as an in-home service technician. Enjoy the challenge of excelling in a challenging role that helps people out of jams when their appliances break down.

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