How Much Do Appliance Repairs Cost?

By Lyle Weischwill | Jul. 20, 2023 2:55 pm PST

Our helpful infographic lets you — and your wallet — know what you should expect to pay when your appliances need fixing.

The costs of appliance repairs can vary significantly due to a wide variety of repair types and brands. These price ranges are a good place to start, though, when budgeting for an upcoming appliance repair or deciding whether it makes sense to replace your appliance.

how much should appliance repairs cost

When you choose Sears Home Services, you can expect that your technician will always diagnose your problem and provide you with an estimate up front. You can then decide at that point whether to go forward with the repair.

If your product is still under warranty, oftentimes the repair cost is covered.

Quick Answers: How Much Should Appliance Repairs Cost?

  • Every appliance repair is unique

  • Repair costs can vary based on the type of appliance, your location, and the severity and type of problem that needs repair

  • HVAC systems tend to be the most expensive appliances to fix

  • Dishwashers tend to be the least expensive appliances to fix

  • If you decide not to repair, your Sears tech can provide you with a discount coupon toward the purchase of a new appliance at Sears

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Average Cost of Appliance Repairs

Repair costs can vary based on:

  • The type of appliance.
  • Severity of the damage.
  • Your geographic location.

On average, here’s the range of what Sears Home Services repairs typically cost. Actual maximum or minimum repair costs may be more or less than those in the price ranges shown.

Dishwasher $150-$220

Dishwashers have many water-carrying components such as pumps, water valves and spray arms that eventually wear out and can break at any time. Replacing a pump can cost several hundred dollars while a water valve will typically cost around $150 to replace in many dishwashers. When you have an electronic control failure, you’ll likely spend more than $200 for the dishwasher repair.

Gas Grill $150-$330

While a simple gas grill repair may cost $150 or less, a major repair on a professional-grade gas grill often costs hundreds of dollars. Components for premium grills can cost more than $100 per part. It’s important to have a service technician repair problems that involve gas components of the grill. The technician will need to properly leak-check the gas line connections after completing the repair to prevent fire hazards.

Stovetop $190-$250

Electric stovetops with induction cooking elements are more expensive to repair than regular electric and gas cooktops. Induction cooktops use numerous circuit boards to control the elements so most repairs on these appliances will cost more than $200. While repairs on gas and regular electric cooktops typically run less than induction stovetop repairs, parts and labor for all cooktop repairs can add up quickly. It’s important to have a service technician repair any gas cooktop issue that involves gas-carrying components. The technician will need to check gas line connections for leaks after completing the repair.

Washer and Dryer $200-$265

Replacing electronic controls on both washers and dryers often costs more than $300. The control boards typically cost more than $200 just for the part. Installing the control board on many washers and dryer can be complicated so you’ll often want to have a technician install the new circuit board. Other washer and dryer failures such as replacing heating elements, switches, sensors or valves can cost less than $200. Fixing the lid switch when your washer won’t start can cost less than $150.

We recommend that you have a technician repair any failures in gas dryers that involve the replacement of gas carrying components so the technician can properly check gas line connections for leaks after completing the repair.

Microwave $200-$250

Although you can complete a few simple microwave repairs yourself such as replacing a light or turntable motor, most microwave repairs should only be completed by a service technician. Most microwaves use high-voltage capacitors that can retain a lethal electrical charge even when the microwave is unplugged from the wall outlet. Additionally, any repairs that involve removing the door or outer cabinet of the microwave will require a technician to check the appliance for microwave radiation leakage before you can safely use the microwave after the repair. Don’t jeopardize your personal safety by attempting internal microwave repairs on your own.

Fridge $230-$300

The cost of refrigerator repairs can vary widely. Expensive controls and displays for refrigerator doors can cost more than $300 for the part alone. Labor to install the part often costs more than $150. Some fridge repairs such as replacing a water valve or sensor cost less than $200. The average cost of refrigerator repairs reflects the mid-range cost of fixing your fridge when something goes wrong.

Oven $230-$320

Replacing the bake element is a common repair in electric ovens. That repair often doesn’t cost more than $200 in models with exposed heating elements. Hidden bake elements sometimes cost more to replace because the technician needs to pull the oven completely out to access some hidden heating elements. Controls on ovens often cost more than $250 for just the replacement part. Add another $150 average cost for labor to replace electronic parts in an oven. Have a service technician complete any gas oven repairs that involve gas-carrying components so the tech can check gas line connections for leaks after completing the repair.

Snow blower $220-$320

You’ll often want to have your snowblower repaired quickly when it breaks down during the winter. Snow can pile up quickly and many cities require you to clear snow by city ordinance. Engine problems are some of the most frequent issues that plague snowblowers. While a simple engine repair can cost less than $200, some complicated engine repairs can cost more than $400. It’s a good idea to have a service technician diagnose and repair engine problems in your snowblower so you can get back to clearing snow quickly.

Riding Mower $260-$350

Fixing a riding lawn mower quickly is important when you have grass growing in the spring and summer. Common riding mower and lawn tractors repairs include engine repairs and blade drive system repairs. Carburetor repairs are often needed in riding mowers when the engine isn’t running smoothly. You’ll need to have the ignition system diagnosed and repaired when the engine won’t start. If you hit a rock or stump when mowing, you’ll often need to replace blade drive system components such as belts, blades and mandrel pulleys. The cost of repairing blade drive components can quickly add up to more than $300.

HVAC System $350-$900

Your heating and cooling system is often the most expensive appliance in your home that you’ll need to repair. Although replacing a capacitor or relay in your HVAC system may cost less than $200, many repairs costs more than $500. Some motors and controls in heating and cooling systems cost more than $800 for the part. Labor to replace key parts often costs more than $200.

DIY vs. Professional Appliance Repair

In most situations, you can safely replace broken parts to fix appliances yourself as long as you unplug the appliance or shut off the house circuit breaker to disconnect electrical power before beginning diagnosis and repair.

Exceptions do exist. Microwave and some electronics repairs aren’t safe because these products often contain capacitors that can retain a lethal electrical charge even when you unplug the power cord (or shut off the house circuit breaker to disconnect electrical power). Always have a service tech repair a microwave or replace the microwave instead of having it repaired.

Anytime you attempt a DIY appliance repair, you’re taking a safety risk. The magnitude of the safety risk depends on your ability to follow strict safety guidelines such as disconnecting electrical power before beginning diagnosis and repair. When you realize that an appliance repair is beyond your capabilities, have a professional service technician fix the problem.

Key Considerations for Appliance Repair Costs

When it comes to appliance repair costs, several key considerations can help you make economical decisions and avoid unnecessary expenses.

Energy Source

When you have a gas appliance, you’ll typically be limited in the DIY repairs that you’ll be able to complete yourself. Keep this in mind when considering how to avoid unnecessary appliance repair expenses.

Always keep your gas appliances well maintained for safety and efficiency. Schedule a Sears Technician to professionally clean and maintain your gas appliances yearly to keep them in top shape and avoid expensive, unexpected breakdowns. Bundle your Sears Clean & Maintain service to have all of your gas appliances serviced at one time. You’ll save time and money by having all you appliances maintained during one service call.


Regular professional appliance maintenance will help you avoid unnecessary repairs on all of your appliances – not just your gas appliances. Electric appliances benefit from having a Sears Technician clean and maintain them so that pumps, fans, elements, controls and sensors all work properly.

Having your HVAC system professionally maintained is more important than other appliances when you want to avoid unnecessary repair expense. HVAC repairs cost much more than repairs of other appliances on average.

Schedule a spring AC unit tune-up and fall furnace maintenance to keep your HVAC system working efficiently and avoid the most expensive home appliance repairs.

Extended Warranties

Covering your appliances with extended warranties will help you avoid unexpected and expensive appliance repairs all year long. Paying a warranty fee monthly or yearly instead of facing sudden repair or appliance replacement expense will help your home budgeting.

To cover all of your major appliances with a whole home warranty, get our Sears Protect plan. For more information about this plan, call 646-440-2437.

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