How Much Should Appliance Repairs Cost?

By Ian | Oct. 08, 2014 2:53 pm PST

Cost of appliance repair

Our helpful infographic lets you — and your wallet — know what you should expect to pay when your appliances need fixing.

The costs of appliance repairs can vary significantly due to a wide variety of repair types and brands. These price ranges are a good place to start, though, when budgeting for an upcoming appliance repair or deciding whether it makes sense to replace your appliance.

how much should appliance repairs cost

When you choose Sears Home Services, you can expect that your technician will always diagnose your problem and provide you with an estimate up front. You can then decide at that point whether to go forward with the repair.

If your product is still under warranty, oftentimes the repair cost is covered.

Quick Answers: How Much Should Appliance Repairs Cost?

  • Every appliance repair is unique

  • Repair costs can vary based on the type of appliance, your location, and the severity and type of problem that needs repair

  • HVAC systems tend to be the most expensive appliances to fix

  • Dishwashers tend to be the least expensive appliances to fix

  • If you decide not to repair, your Sears tech can provide you with a discount coupon toward the purchase of a new appliance at Sears

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Average Cost of Appliance Repairs

Repair costs can vary based on 1) the type of appliance, 2) the severity of the damage, and 3) your geographic location. But, on average, here’s the range of what Sears Home Services repairs typically cost. Actual maximum or minimum repair costs may be more or less than those in the price ranges shown.


  • Dishwasher $150-$220
  • Gas Grill $150-$330
  • Stovetop $190-$250
  • Washer and Dryer $200-$265
  • Microwave $200-$250
  • Fridge $230-$300
  • Oven $230-$320
  • Snow blower $220-$320
  • Riding Mower $260-$350
  • HVAC System $350-$900

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