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You Hear Nothing When You Turn the Key

The Starter Solenoid Clicks

The Engine Cranks but won't Start

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How Does a Sears Home Services Tech Diagnose a Riding Mower Starting Failure in 2024?

3 min readUpdated Mar. 22, 2024Lyle WeischwillRiding Mower
How Does a Sears Tech Diagnose a Riding Mower Starting Failure?

Fixing a riding mower that won’t start can be challenging without the proper knowledge, experience and training. Sears Home Services Technicians receive factory training on riding mowers and other lawn & garden equipment so they can accurately fix any type of equipment failure.

This guide will give you an inside look at our diagnosis process, share valuable insights, and potential solutions to your mower's starting issue. We aim to arm you with the knowledge you need to possibly fix the problem yourself. So let's dive in and get your riding lawn mower working again.


  • Sears Home Services Technicians are extensively trained to diagnose and repair various types of equipment failures, including riding mowers.
  • Our techs are able to efficiently diagnose starting failures by testing riding mower electrical systems.
  • Following a common-sense approach to diagnosing mower starting failures, as shown in these videos, reflects techniques used by Sears Home Services Technicians, demonstrating a valuable troubleshooting method for DIY enthusiasts and potential technicians alike.

Many riding mowers have common electrical systems that use the same types of interlock switches and other safety devices in their ignition systems. Sears Techs have the technical knowledge to quickly test components and diagnose the cause of an engine starting failure.

Riding mower diagnostic techniques vary based on the symptoms encountered. Here's the troubleshooting that Sears Technicians follow for the 3 major symptoms that you typically observe when your riding mower won't start.

You Hear Nothing When You Turn the Key

Sears Technician Wayne Archer shows you how to diagnose the cause of a riding mower starting failure when the mower is completely dead:

Wayne’s common sense approach to diagnosing this mower starting failure is frequently watched and highly admired on YouTube. Although the video is geared toward helping DIY repair enthusiasts, the same basic approach is used by Sears Technicians to analyze and repair riding mowers and lawn tractors at customers’ homes.

The Starter Solenoid Clicks

See how Wayne shows how to diagnose a riding mower starting failure when you hear a click as you turn the ignition key to start the engine:

Diagnosing the problem correctly when the mower clicks but won’t start will help you replace the right part to fix the mower.

The Engine Cranks but won't Start

This final video shows how Wayne determines the cause of a starting problem when the engine spins but doesn’t start:

These 3 troubleshooting videos can help you fix just about any type of starting problem with your riding mower. Sears Technician use this type of common sense troubleshooting to fix all types of lawn equipment and appliance failures.

If you can easily follow these diagnostic techniques, then you may be a good fit for our Sears Technician team. Apply to be a Sears Technician and join a nationwide network of trained technicians who repair lawn equipment, appliances, HVAC systems, exercise machines and more.

Schedule your riding mower repair now!

With years of expertise, our technicians can diagnose and repair your riding mower no matter the problem, so you can get back to mowing quickly.

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