Common Heating and Air Conditioning Problems

By Ian | Jul. 18, 2014 12:44 pm PST

Common Heating and Air Conditioning Problems

How to determine if your HVAC system issues are something you can fix it yourself, if it’s time to call a repairman or if you should plan on buying a new one.

Is your home too hot to handle? Or maybe it’s cold as ice. There are a few common problems that can occur with your HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) system. Read our helpful infographic below for some tips from the Sears Blue Crew on how to diagnose your common heating and air conditioning problems. From simple DIY heating and AC repairs, such low air flow or an air conditioner that won’t turn on, to faulty parts and diagnosing weird noises, we’ll help you determine whether you should try to fix the problem yourself, call an AC or heating repairman, or consider buying something new.

common hvac issues

Whether you need an HVAC repair or a full replacement, Sears can help. We have the HVAC parts you need to help you tackle projects at home, as well as a team of experts who fix your problem, no matter where you purchased your equipment. And if the Sears Blue Crew cannot repair your HVAC system, ask your technician about discounts on your replacement purchase. For more information, call the Sears Appliance Crew at 1-800-916-7544, or visit our site for HVAC repair.

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Heater & Air Conditioner: Repair or Replace? Common HVAC problems, and whether the solution is a DIY project, a job for a repairman, or time for an upgrade.


Won’t Turn On First check your breaker and replace the batteries in the thermostat. If that doesn’t work, make sure the disconnect switch on the indoor unit isn’t flipped, and that the service door is securely in place. If these steps still don’t get it working, or it starts but doesn’t sound right, shut it down so there’s no risk of further damage, and call a professional.

Low Airflow This is usually a sign of a clogged air filter. Check them monthly to make sure they’re clean. Change as needed to avoid overworking your system.

Puddles When evaporator coils on an HVAC unit condense, the moisture flows into a plastic pipe and then to a floor drain or to the outside. To clean the drain, flush it with water, pour a mixture of vinegar and water into the drain pipe and then reattach the trap to the pipe.


Faulty Parts Broken motors and capacitors, faulty electrical components, broken compressors, and refrigerant leaks are all complex repair issues that only qualified professionals should tackle.

Weird Noises If you hear a loud hum or unusual noises when your system is running, or if it has been running for a long time but the temperature in your home hasn’t changed, call a repairman.

Wrong Temp If some rooms never get comfortable, it could be caused by closed supply vents, improper equipment operation, duct problems, or inadequate insulation. Time to call a professional.

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