7 Things to Consider When Buying New Kitchen Appliances

By Lyle Weischwill | Aug. 29, 2023 7:05 am PST

Whether you’re replacing old appliances or remodeling your kitchen for a new look, it’s important to consider a variety of factors to ensure you make a smart purchase. Completing some research ahead of the project will make sure that the transition to new appliances goes smoothly.

With an overwhelming amount of options available, it can be tough to decide which appliances are best for you and your family. We’ll help you streamline your decision-making process to help lessen the stress of your project.

Here are 7 important factors to consider when replacing your kitchen appliances.

1. Set Your Budget for New Appliances

To start your project, you’ll first want to get an idea of how much new appliances cost and understand what you’re willing to spend. Research the cost of new appliances online using our [Sears Upgrade pages] (https://www.sears.com/upgrade). Determine approximately how much the new appliances will cost. Don’t forget to add in the price of delivery and installation.

With a general idea of how much you intend to spend, you can move on to the next steps to select your specific models of appliances.

Image of measuring appliance spaces

2. Measure the Appliance Spaces

Before you select the models of appliances that you will buy, measure the appliance spaces. You’ll want to make sure that you’re buying new appliances that will fit in the available space.

Most builders leave standard cut-out spaces for appliances and manufactures build appliances that fit in those standard spaces. Here’s the sizes of cut-outs that you’ll measure in most homes with standard appliances:

  • Refrigerator: Width 39-inches, Height 72-inches, Depth 25-inches.
  • Range: Width 30-inches, Height 36-inches, Depth 25-inches.
  • Dishwasher: Width 24.5-inches, Height 34-inches, Depth 25-inches.
  • Micro hood: Width 30-inches, Height 15-inches, Depth 12-inches.

If your home has appliance cut-outs with these measurements, then you’ll be able to select from a wide variety of appliances and appliances bundles that will easily fit in your kitchen.

When installing or replacing custom appliances such as a wall oven, cooktop and range hood, you’ll need to precisely measure the cut-outs and select appliances that will fit in those spaces.

3. Select the Appliance Color that Works Best in Your Kitchen

Now that you know the size of appliances that you need, you’ll need to decide on the color you want. Stainless steel is the most popular kitchen appliance color and looks good in most kitchens. Also, stainless is easy to match if you need to replace a single appliance in the future.

You can also select from a myriad of different appliance colors to give your kitchen a unique and different look. Black, matte black, black stainless and white appliances are also popular choices.

4. Choose the Best Appliance Features

Once you decide on color, you can select the specific models of appliances or the appliance bundle that include the features you desire.

Here are key features to look for in appliances:

Consider getting a fridge with these popular features:

  • In-door ice and water dispenser.
  • French door design.
  • Counter-depth dimension.

Although a counter-depth refrigerator looks better because it provides a built-in look, it has less storage capacity than a standard depth fridge. When storage capacity matters more than looks, choose a model with the most cubic feet of capacity.

Top Range Features to Look For

Here are some popular features to look for when you’re shopping for a new range:

  • Buying a range with a self-cleaning oven is essential for most households. Look for that feature first when choosing a range or appliance bundle.
  • Choosing a smooth-top electric range will give your kitchen a refined look. The ceramic glass top is easy to clean and safe for cooking.
  • Many new range models feature an oven with the air-fry option. Consider this type of range to help your family easily cook healthier meals.

Image of setting a dishwasher with advanced controls

Quietness if the key feature to look for in dishwasher models. Noise level for dishwashers is rated in decibels (dBA) for accurate comparison between models. Look for a dishwasher with a noise level rating of less than 50 decibels to keep the dishwasher from drowning out your TV.

Selecting a model with a sanitation cycle can help you keep your family safer by sanitizing your dishes in the dishwasher. Look for that feature when shopping for a new dishwasher or buying an appliance bundle.

Check out additional tips for selecting the best dishwasher model in our Sears Home Services blog article 12 Cool New Dishwasher Features You Didn’t Know Existed.

5. Check Appliance Availability

Some appliances are in stock and available for delivery right away. In some situations, models may have to be special ordered or may be on backorder. When you need replacement appliances quickly, choose models that are in stock for quick delivery.

When appliances need to be special ordered and they aren’t currently in stock, plan the timing of your kitchen remodel based on the expected date of delivery.

6. Look for Discounts and Deals

Sears offers instant discounts on home appliances so take advantages of these incentives when replacing your kitchen appliances. You can get special prices on bundles of kitchen appliances so that you’ll spend hundreds or even thousands less on your new kitchen appliances.

Don’t forget to check for rebates on appliances as you shop for the best deals.

Earn valuable Shop Your Way points to get even more value from your appliance purchase.

Image of kitchen with new stainless appliances

7. Consider Financing

When you can’t pay for your new appliances right away, explore financing options on our Sears website. We offer many different ways to help you save on a new appliances and pay for them with innovative financing.

Explore these financing options at Sears.com or reach out to a Member of our Home & Life Concierge team today: 847-505-7786.

Sears offers interest-free financing options as well as short-term and long-term payment choices for qualified buyers.

We’ve consolidated all help, financing offers and savings into one location on our Upgrade page to make it easy for you to replace your appliances now. No hassles and no waiting. Get your new kitchen appliances today.

Efficient and durable appliances help make a house a home. Whether you just need a new fridge or you’re buying a whole kitchen suite of appliances, Sears carries a wide selection of home appliances from top brands like Kenmore and LG. No matter what you need, we have all the products to make your life easier.

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