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Table of Contents

The Importance of Pre-Vacation Home Preparation

1. Home Security

2. Home System Maintenance

3. Safeguard Your Belongings

4. Make Your Home Look Occupied

Extra Tips for Peace of Mind

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4 Steps for Vacation-Proofing Your Home

4 min readUpdated Mar. 19, 2024Kimberly HillegassHVAC
Helpful tips to get your home ready before a summer vacation

Planning a getaway? Don't forget to prep your house before you jet off. A little effort now can mean peace of mind while you're away, keeping your home secure and your systems running smoothly. Sears Home Services knows that your home's safety and security are paramount, especially when you're not around. In this guide, we'll discuss 4 key steps to vacation-proof your house, plus some additional tips for that extra peace of mind. Let's dive in!


  • The last thing you want to spoil a vacation is worrying about the house you’re leaving behind.
  • To help, we’ve put together a simple checklist to keep your house safe while you’re away.
  • Follow these tips so you can enjoy a worry-free vacation.

The Importance of Pre-Vacation Home Preparation

Getting ready for a vacation often involves making travel arrangements and packing bags. But preparing your house for your absence is just as crucial. Here's why:

  • Home protection: A few simple precautions can significantly decrease risks like break-ins or water leaks. For instance, using light timers and unplugging appliances can deter potential burglars and prevent damage.
  • Peace of mind: Knowing your home is secure lets you truly relax and enjoy your vacation. And isn't that the whole point of a holiday?
  • Preventing post-vacation surprises: Coming home to a broken appliance or spoiled food is no one's idea of a welcome back. By prepping your house, you can avoid these headaches and transition smoothly back into your routine.

1. Home Security

Securing your home is a key part of vacation preparation. Here's what you can do:

  • Lock Up: Double-check that all doors and windows are locked. This is a simple but effective step to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Invest in a Security System: Modern security systems offer features like surveillance cameras and motion sensors, providing an additional layer of protection.
  • Enlist a Neighbor: Let a trusted neighbor know about your travel plans and ask them to keep an eye on your property. They can help maintain the appearance of an occupied home, further deterring potential burglars.

2. Home System Maintenance

Before leaving for vacation, ensure your home systems are in good working order:

  • Thermostat settings: Adjust your thermostat to a temperature that conserves energy while you're away.
  • Unplug appliances: Turn off and unplug appliances that won't be in use. This can prevent potential electrical issues and save energy.
  • Check for leaks: Inspect your home for potential water leaks or plumbing issues and address them before you go.

These steps help ensure that your home systems stay in good shape in your absence, preventing any unpleasant surprises when you return.

3. Safeguard Your Belongings

Protecting your valuables is another key aspect of vacation home prep:

  • Secure Valuables: Use a safe or secure storage facility for your high-value items. This offers maximum security and peace of mind.
  • Inventory Your Belongings: Document your valuable possessions before leaving. Photos or videos along with descriptions and estimated values can serve as evidence if needed.
  • Review Your Insurance: Check your existing insurance policies and consider additional coverage for your valuables, if necessary.

4. Make Your Home Look Occupied

While you're away, it's helpful to maintain the appearance of an occupied home. Here's how:

  • Use Timers: Timers can turn lights and electronics on and off at different times, simulating activity.
  • Mail and Package Pickup: Arrange for mail and package pickup or holding if you'll be away for a long time. This prevents a buildup of mail, which can signal an empty house.
  • Keep Up with Landscaping: Maintain your yard before leaving to avoid the look of an unoccupied property.

These strategies can help deter potential intruders and keep your home secure during your vacation.

Extra Tips for Peace of Mind

For extra peace of mind, consider these additional tips:

  1. Inform Your Neighbors: Letting trusted neighbors know about your vacation can provide an extra set of eyes on your property.
  2. Suspend Deliveries: Pause newspaper and other regular deliveries to prevent a buildup of items on your doorstep.
  3. Prep Your Car: If you're leaving your car at home, fill the gas tank, check tire pressure, and consider using a car cover to protect it.

By following these steps, you can relax on your vacation, confident that your home and vehicle are well cared for.

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