10 Cool New Laundry Innovations You’ll Love

By Ian | Nov. 01, 2016 11:10 am PST

Kenmore Laundry Innovations

Get cleaner clothes faster with the latest and greatest Kenmore washer and dryer innovations.

There’s nothing better than clean laundry. But who wants to spend a whole day doing it? You can do laundry faster and better than ever before with a slew of state-of-the-art washer and dryer features from Sears’ award-winning Kenmore brand. In fact, Kenmore products have taken home more than 30 accolades at the Reviewed.com awards, including Best Washing Machine of the Year and Best Washer Under $500 in 2015.

These cool new features from Kenmore’s leading washers and dryers will take the hassle out of laundry day so you can get back to enjoying your home.

1. Get cleaner clothes faster with Accela Wash. By combining Active Spray and Active Rinse nozzles for faster soaking time and more effective rinsing, you’ll get a seriously deep clean in no time.

2. Kill bacteria without harsh chemicals. Kenmore’s NSF-certified Sanitize Cycle kills 99.9% of certain bacteria sans bleach. It’ll clean everything from your work wardrobe to dirty cloth diapers. Pair this with the dryer’s Sanitize Cycle for the ultimate germ-killing combo.

3. Clean better with cold water. The Cold Clean Cycle uses cold water and can clean just as well as a warm-water wash — all while using 48% less energy than Kenmore’s already efficient normal cycle.

4. Tackle tough stains with the SteamTreat option. The steam deep-cleans clothes to fight even the toughest stains — coffee, juice, syrup, etc. — with little to no pre-treating.

5. Never worry about rushing home to switch loads again. Clothes will stay fresh in the wash for hours after the cycle ends thanks to the Stay Fresh option, which periodically tumbles the load for up to 19 hours.

6. Customize every load with Smart Motion Technology, which offers up to six wash motions to get the perfect clean for every type of load.

7. Simplify detergent shopping and pick up the Kenmore Laundry Detergent. The allergen-sensitive formula is specially created for Kenmore machines — and it contains no dyes or perfumes.

8. Keep clothes looking like new. With SmartDry Ultra Technology, every dry cycle is custom-timed thanks to two moisture sensors and a temperature monitor. That means your load will stop drying as soon as your clothes are ready.

9. Say goodbye to wrinkles and static. SteamCare Technology, which includes a Steam Refresh cycle as well as Iron Ready and Static Shield options, will quickly get your clothes ready for the office (or date night) — no ironing required.

10. Avoid a fire hazard thanks to the Check Vent Sensor. Similar to a check engine light in your car, this sensor alerts you when there’s limited airflow from the dryer to the outside, making sure your machine is running as safely and efficiently as possible at all times.

Looking to go more high-tech with your washer and dryer? Check out even cooler new innovations here.

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