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  1. Service was not completed

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    I used them on 5/15/15 and my mower was tuned up, ran and paid for. Technician thought he had resolved the problem with starting but only to find out when I went to move it, the mower would not start. The technician tried to get it to start and told me that he could not do anything as he had closed out the service and did not have the part on the truck. I called immediately and tried to get the part ordered but was told I had to wait till the next day after the accounts were cleared as it was still showing "pending". I called on 5/16 and found out the technician could not be rescheduled until 5/28/15. That is not acceptable since I already waited for the service and now I have to wait and undo length of time. I am not happy with this and no one offered to rectify the situation. I just have to wait, wait, and wait.............
    May 20, 2015
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    Thanks for letting us know about that, Ginger. We have reached out to the service unit with your feedback to improve our services.
    Member Services on June 11, 2015
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    May 06, 2015
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