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  1. took too long

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    Initial repairman said he needed parts and would come back later in day. one part was delivered to our house and later in day, maybe a few hours after the repairman said he would be back, he called to say that a reschedule was needed til Friday, two days later. After waiting on Friday, one hour or so after scheduled time with no repairman, I called and was told that the following Tuesday was the time. New repairman came on Tuesday, found that the problem was not as originally thought, and needed other parts. That return was scheduled for next day. Finally came and was completed. seemed to be a drawn out process, with a mistake on your part as to reschedule time.
    May 06, 2015
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    Hi, Lee. We regret to hear that your repair experienced delays. It is not the way we want things to go. Thank you for your feedback, as it will help us improve our services.
    Member Services on June 02, 2015