Which of These Kitchen Design Styles Is Right for You?

By Ian | Dec. 14, 2014 12:22 pm PST

Kitchen design styles

Are you traditional, casual, colonial or contemporary? Discover your kitchen design style to help create the kitchen of your dreams.

Thinking about renovating your kitchen? Or maybe your kitchen just doesn’t feel like the right fit for your family and lifestyle, but you don’t know why? Take our quiz to find out your kitchen design style and how to achieve it in your home.

kitchen design quiz

What answer did you get? No matter what your style is, you can set up a free in-home consultation to make your dream kitchen a reality.

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What’s Your Kitchen Design Style?

Are you traditional or contemporary? Colonial or casual? Take our quiz to find out.

1. What would your ideal kitchen cabinets look like:

A) Luxurious, with custom details, B) Simple, but unique, C) Warm and natural-looking, or D) White or eye-popping color

2. Timeless or trendy?

A) Timeless, for sure, B) Either, as long as it’s inviting, C) I prefer a classic, hand-crafted feel, or D) Trendy and cutting-edge

3. How would you describe your entertaining style?

A)Formal dinner parties with my best china, B) Small, informal parties with lots of apps, C) Potluck dinners with good conversation, or D) Large parties with the who’s who of town.

4. Which piece of furniture would you rather have in your house?

A) A large, ornate dining room table, B) A big comfy couch that can fit the whole family, C) An antique chest of drawers, or D) A sculpture by a local artist

5. Pick one:

A) Bronze sink, B) Jewel-toned backsplash, C) Crown molding, or D) Glass and Chrome accessories.

Mostly As: Your kitchen design style is Traditional! You’re looking for design that is formal, elegant, and reflective of past eras, but fits your modern needs. Choose materials with bold patterns, understated colors, and lavish details for a classic look to impress your guests.

Mostly Bs: Your kitchen design style is Casual! Modern, timeless, chic, or rustic – it doesn’t really matter to you as long as your space is inviting and comfortable. Incorporate simple design features and big, heavy furniture in neutral and jewel-toned colors to give your kitchen the homey and laid-back feel you crave.

Mostly Cs: Your kitchen design style is Colonial! You love the rustic feel, warmth, and history of old-fashioned design. Use natural woods, muted colors and antique accessories to take you back to a simpler time.

Mostly Ds: Your kitchen design style is Contemporary! Whether it’s bold pops of color, dark cabinets, or a new wine fridge, you’re always on top of the trends. Compliment the clean lines of contemporary design with personalized details for a kitchen that is both functional and a unique work of art.

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