Which Appliance Trend Should You Try?

illustration of kitchen

How can you decide between all the new trends in appliances? Take our quiz to learn which appliance trend you should try, from large LCD screens to metallic finishes.

It’s an exciting time for home appliances. Technology is moving rapidly, and the machines you use at home are doing their part to keep pace.

Your fridge, oven, dishwasher, washing machine and dryer have essentially become computers. New designs allow appliances to do their jobs in innovative, more productive ways. They’re smarter, with a slew of new features that make using them easier than ever. Some even have LCD screens and perform like a tablet. And, of course, manufacturers are also keeping up with aesthetic trends so they look modern, too.

So how do you know what new appliance trends best fit your lifestyle? Our quiz will reveal which of the hottest new features in home appliances is right for you!

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