Where Can I Get the Best HVAC Repair Service in Sacramento, CA?

By Lyle Weischwill | Jul. 29, 2022 7:47 am PST

When your heater isn’t working in the dead of winter or your central air conditioner quits in the heat of summer, you’ll want to get it fixed it fast—and right. When you need HVAC repair or replacement, contact Sacramento Heating and Air Conditioning Service to repair or replace your system.

You can schedule a free in-home consultation with a heating and cooling expert right away. Our knowledgeable, Sacramento HVAC consultants will come to your home and explain your options, so you can choose the HVAC unit that’s right for your house.

What Types of HVAC Units Does Sears Heating and Air Conditioning in Sacramento Install?

Central Air Conditioner

The central A/C system removes excess heat and humidity from your home, keeping the air purer. A fully functioning air conditioning unit is a necessity, particularly when temperatures start to rise in Sacramento.

We provide repair, replacement and installation services on all types of A/C units:

  • Complete central air conditioning units
  • Inside air conditioning air handler units
  • Outside air conditioner compressor and condenser units

Gas or Oil Furnace

In the long run, sticking with an old, inefficient furnace can cost more than replacing the unit with a new one. New furnaces typically operate much more efficiently than older ones. So if you’ve been putting off furnace replacement, now’s a good time to make it happen.

Sears Heating and Air Conditioning in Sacramento can replace your gas or oil furnace in no time. Our highly trained service technicians are licensed, vetted and ready to take care of your furnace replacement needs.

Heat Pump

Sacramento Heating and Air Conditioning Service can replace your heat pump. A heat pump works the same as a central air conditioner in the cooling mode. In heating mode, the heat pump reverses refrigerant flow to efficiently heat your home using hot refrigerant.

Sears Heating and Air Conditioning in Sacramento goes above and beyond just installing a new heat pump unit. We also check the condition of the existing ductwork and your home’s insulation, and make recommendations based on what we find. Installing a new heat pump can often save you money on your electrical bill so the new unit typically helps pay for itself because of lower energy bills.

What Types of Optional HVAC Accessories Does Sacramento Heating and Air Conditioning Offer?

Sears Heating and Air Conditioning in Sacramento offers these popular accessories that make your home more comfortable:

  • Air filtration system. A filter system added to your heating and air conditioning unit can help minimize pollutants in your home, such as pollen, bacteria, dander, dust and more. An electronic air cleaner can filter out up to 95 percent of irritating particulates that pass through your HVAC system vents.
  • Furnace humidifier. A humidifier increases the humidity in your home during the dry winter months. The added humidity is good for your skin and respiratory system. It also helps keep wood inside the house from shrinking. And because humidified air feels warmer, you can turn down the thermostat to save on energy bills. Lower energy bills can help pay for this HVAC accessory.
  • Smart Thermostat. A smart thermostat offers nearly countless advantages over a mechanical, non-programmable HVAC thermostat. When connected to Wi-Fi internet access in your home, you’ll be able to remotely monitor and control your HVAC system using the smart thermostat’s app on your smartphone. A smart thermostat lets you set up different temperatures for different times of day and days of the week. Once set, the thermostat automatically keeps the house at a comfortable temperature while you’re at home, and at an energy-saving temperature when you’re away or asleep.

Why Choose Sacramento Heating and Air Conditioning for My HVAC Needs?

When it comes to taking care of your home and central air conditioner or furnace, you can trust our technicians at Sears Heating and Cooling in Sacramento to care for your needs. We understand that your air conditioner and heater affect the comfort and health of everyone in your home, so we are dedicated to providing you with the best service possible.

Here are more reasons to choose Sears Home Services in Sacramento for your heating and AC unit services:

  • Sears HVAC installation specialists are vetted, licensed, bonded and insured, and they follow all Sacramento and California codes and regulations.
  • All HVAC installation work is backed by our Sears Warranty and Satisfaction Guarantee. We want you to be completely satisfied with your new HVAC system.
  • Sacramento Heating and Air Conditioning offers flexible financing options through Sears Home Services.

Deciding to install a new HVAC system can be one of the best investments to make in your home. It offers the one of the highest returns on your investment and can dramatically increase the resale of your home.

Schedule a free in-home consultation to begin installing your new furnace or AC system today.

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