What’s Covered in a Sears Home Warranty?

What a Sears Home Warranty covers

What appliances and systems are covered in Sears’ home warranty plans? What does the Whole House Plan include?

Most people think about home warranties only when they’ve just bought a house. But home warranties are a good idea at any time, especially if one (or several) of your appliances happens to be getting on in years.

Not sure where to begin? Never fear. Sears Home Services makes it easy by offering three distinct plans designed to fit your needs and your budget. Win-win.

Before you make a decision, it’s a good idea to fully understand what exactly is covered with each plan. That’s where we come in. We’ve put together a handy infographic that details what’s covered by each of Sears’ three warranties: the Appliance Plan, the Systems Plan and the Whole House Plan.

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What’s Covered in Sears’ Home Warranties?

Appliance Plan

  • Fridge and icemaker
  • Built-in dishwasher
  • Washer and dryer
  • Cooktop and oven
  • Range and exhaust fan
  • Built-in microwave
  • Trash compactor

Systems Plan

  • HVAC system
  • Plumbing systems and stoppages
  • Water heater and softener
  • Faucets and toilets
  • Garbage disposal
  • Electrical system
  • Ceiling fans
  • Garage door opener

Whole House Plan

  • Whole House Plan = Appliances + Systems
  • All of this is covered — rest easy!

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