What Do Your Dishwashing Loading Habits Say About You?


Do you insist on using the same detergent? Run the dishwasher full or half empty? Take our dishwashing loading quiz to find out what your habits say about you.

It’s a little-known fact that your dishwasher routines can reveal your innermost personality traits.

Do you pre-rinse or load your dishes right from the dinner table? Are you particular about loading and unloading, or does anything go as long as it fits? Did you know your dishwasher has a removable filter, or is that news to you?

How you approach washing dishes can say a lot about how you approach life. Not to mention that how you load the dishwasher can impact how well it cleans your dishes.

Take this quiz to find out what your dishwasher habits say about what type of person you are. You’ll likely pick up a few dishwasher maintenance tips along the way, too!

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