Want Your Appliance Fixed Faster? We Have a New Solution for That

Sears repair

GoToAssist SeeIt enables master technicians to remotely see and diagnose problems to get appliances running again as quickly as possible.

When Sears Home Services technician Antonio Corzo was in a customer’s home in Bound Brook, N.J., last month to repair a washing machine, he encountered an unusual issue that required additional problem-solving. To support him with the issue, he used new technology on his smartphone that Sears Home Services is rolling out nationwide, to share live video and photos of the situation with a master technician at the company’s service center in Round Rock, Texas. Within minutes, working together, the problem was resolved and the washing machine was repaired.

Sears Home Services now equips its technicians with GoToAssist Seeit on their smartphones, which helps them fix appliances faster, and most of the time, in one visit. Now if faced with an unusual appliance issue, technicians can share live video and photos of the situation to remote master Sears technicians who can quickly coach them toward a solution - all without leaving the customer’s home.

Sears Home Services has teamed with the GoToAssist team to equip its technicians with GoToAssist Seeit on their smartphones, which will help them fix appliances faster, and most of the time, in one visit, making it more convenient for customers to care for their homes. Sears Home Services technicians repair more than 180 appliance brands – not just those sold by Sears. In the event these technicians face an unfamiliar appliance issue, they can now show remote master technicians exactly what they see and receive step-by-step instructions to complete the repair – all without leaving the customer’s home.

“No one likes taking time out of their busy schedules for their appliances to be repaired, especially if it takes longer than anticipated or requires multiple service appointments,” said Sean Skelley, president of Sears Home Services. “Now our technicians can use their smartphones to livestream video and photos of appliance problems to our most experienced experts who can coach them toward a solution and get your appliance up and running again quickly. It’s like they have master technicians in their pockets.”

Homeowners who have had their appliances repaired by technicians using GoToAssist Seeit:

• Save time– Technicians have resolved appliance issues and shortened service appointments by as much as 40 minutes.

• Gain access to functioning appliances faster– Technicians repaired significantly more existing appliances, meaning customers did not have to wait for replacement parts for a repair or replace their appliance altogether. The result: customers can keep the existing appliance they enjoy and are familiar using.

As the nation’s No. 1 provider of appliance services, Sears Home Services has the largest fleet of services technicians in neighborhoods throughout the U.S who make nearly seven million service calls annually. Sears offers a complete solution for homeowners, helping members purchase, service and replace their appliances, as well as manage and maintain their homes and a variety of products within their homes, from fitness equipment to lawn mowers and snow blowers.

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