Top Roofing Tips on Repair, Maintenance, New Roof Installation and Parts of a Roof

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Learn what you need to know about roof care, roof repair and roofing installation from the videos on this playlist.

Saving time hunting for information about roofs: here are our most popular roofing videos in one, easy-to-watch playlist. You’ll get the top tips on roofing repair, maintenance and, if necessary, new roof installation, along with Roof 101, explaining the different parts of the cover that shelters your home.

6 Parts of a Roof Explained

It’s time you became more familiar with the structure that shelters you and your family. Watch our video to see what each of these parts of a roof looks like.

1. Fascia: Holds the gutters in place and helps prevent water damage.

2. Soffit: Perpendicular to the fascia, beneath the overhangs of an eave. It provides intake ventilation and helps protect rafters from weather damage.

3. Flashing: A thin strip of weather-resistant material at roof intersections. It helps prevent water from entering the home.

4. Drip Edge: Metal installed at the edge of shingles near the gutter that helps prevent leaks.

5. Valley: Where two sloping sections of the roof come together. Shingles here are cut in a V formation.

6. Exhaust Venting: There are two types: soffit-and-ridge or gable. They remove hot air and moisture.

5 Roof Maintenance Tips

There are some simple things you can do to help your roof last longer:

  1. Twice a year, do a visual from-the-ground inspection.

  2. Have an expert clean your gutters.

  3. Trim overhanging tree limbs.

  4. If you see moss or algae, call in an expert.

  5. Check the insulation.

5 Roof Problems to Look for From the Ground

Don’t get up on your roof. Play it safe and perform an inspection from the ground a couple of times a year. Here’s what to look for:

  1. Check the ground for pebbles that have fallen from shingles.

  2. Look for shingles that are pulling up, cracked or missing.

  3. See if there are rust spots, which might mean that the drip edges are starting to fail.

  4. Use a long-handled broom to sweep moss away.

  5. Look for cracked caulk.

8 Questions to Ask Before Hiring Roofing Companies (& What to Expect During Your Roof Installation)

Are your shingles in shambles? Tony Licari, district general manager for Sears Home Services, talks about what you need to know before hiring a roofer.

1. What’s the first step?

During your free in-home consultation, Sears Home Services will do a thorough walk-around to determine your roofing needs.

2. What are my options?

We have three lines of shingles that will fit your design preference and budget. We offer a variety of financing options and payment plans.

3. What happens next?

We’ll check the workspace and go over any unknowns to ensure that your roof is installed properly. We’ll measure your roof to give you an accurate estimate. In addition, we’ll inspect your attic to make sure there’s no rotted or otherwise damaged wood.

4. Who will be my main contact?

When we’re ready to start the job, you’ll be assigned a project coordinator. He or she helps with scheduling, obtaining your permits and answering questions along the way.

5. Will there be a big mess?

We’ll protect your plants and clean up any job-related debris every single day.

6. How can I be sure the work will be done correctly?

Sears has some pretty cool software that uses aerial photos to measure your roof with accuracy and ensure that we deliver the correct amount of shingles.

7. What happens after?

A third-party company will perform a 15-point inspection to ensure that your new roof is up to code.

8. What about warranties?

Depending on which roofing option you select, a 25- to 50-year warranty is included. It even transfers to future homeowners for the lifetime of that warranty.

Sears Home Services is fully licensed, bonded and insured, giving you peace of mind so you can enjoy your new roof. Set up a free in-home consultation today.

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