Top Kitchen Design Ideas for 2018

Dark kitchen with steel blue cabinets

This is the year to embrace minimalism and a sleek look. But you can also add some color to your kitchen.

Goodbye, cluttered countertops. It’s been good to know you, faucets that don’t conserve water. Current kitchen design trends are sleek, minimal and eco-friendly.

Bright Whites

White has been trending for the past few years and will continue to do so thanks its timeless appeal. Not only do white cabinets give your kitchen a fresh, clean look, they also complement a wide range of styles.

Elegant Grays

If you’re looking for an alternative to classic white, try shades of gray. The hue works well with many accent colors and will instantly give your kitchen a modern flair.

Pops of plum

Dark plum is a big color for 2018. Try plum paint for an easy way to get the look. These dark hues will give your kitchen a deep, sophisticated look.

Copper accents

Whether it’s a set of copper cookware, a trash can with a copper lid or a sleek copper tea kettle, copper accents are big this year. For an easy upgrade, swap out your old hardware with a new copper set. Pair with plum paint for a flash of warmth and light.

Colorful cabinets

Who decided kitchen cabinets need to be the same color? This year, bust that trend and think outside your typical wood finish. Consider cabinets in complementary colors — lighter up top and darker down below. It will give your kitchen a fresh, updated look.

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Simple, clean lines

Fridges and stoves that sit flush with your cabinets create a streamlined, Scandinavian-inspired look. Accent the look with sleek pulls on your cabinets and drawers for a minimalistic match made in heaven.


Going hand in hand with the simple, clean lines trend is overall minimalism in the kitchen. Maybe it’s time to put your collection of pitchers that look like roosters away. And while you’re at it, take everything off your countertop and find a place for it in your cabinets. This might require some paring down to the basics of what you actually use, but shouldn’t you be doing that anyway?

Unique tile

Also trending in kitchen design, unique tile colors and patterns are making their way into the kitchen. Sears offers countless options to fit your design style and budget.

Double-duty faucets

Kitchen faucets have been works of art for a while, but now form is meeting function. You can find faucets that not only help conserve water, but can also turn on with the tap of a hand by touching anywhere on the spout or handle with your wrist or forearm. Less mess, less stress.

Industrial style

Pair dark gray quartz countertops with heavy-duty faucets, a farmhouse sink and an industrial-looking set of pulls and handles, and you’re on trend. Think warehouse-meets-commercial kitchen and you’ve got the look.

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