Top 5 Kitchen Design Trends for 2016

What’s hot this year? Check our list before making any updates to your kitchen.

What’s big in kitchen design? 2016 will be the year we focus on ease of cooking, contemporary lines, and having enough space for everyone at the party to hang out with the chef.

1. Open floor plans

The kitchen is the most social room in the house — everyone congregates there. An open, airy floor plan will facilitate the optimal mix between hangout-ability and ease of cooking. This trend is nothing new, but it will continue to be a popular design theme in 2016. Center islands are being built to look out onto an area for relaxation and watching TV, which in turn spills out into the dining room — formal, self-contained dining rooms are fading fast.

2. At least two work zones

People love separate work zones, ideally with the fridge between the two. Who’s stationed at the first zone? The interloper who wants to make a sandwich, take something out of the fridge, get a coffee cup out of the cabinet, grab a snack or otherwise annoy the cook who’s trying to make dinner. The second work zone is for the cook alone — cutting board, easy access to knives and other implements, pots and pans, spices, oils and the other stuff of cooking. Note to casual users: Enter the cook’s zone at your own risk. You might even think about adding a cleaning zone or a kids’ zone!

3. Clean lines

Traditional kitchens might be lovely, but today’s styles tend to be more modern and minimalist. Nix the curves, ornamental details and “Tuscan Sunset” paint colors. Now, it’s all about sleek hardware, clean lines and neutral colors. The exception? A bold statement on your range hood. Red, anyone?

4. Wood countertops

When it comes to workspaces, it’s all about wood. Yes, wood. Specifically, American black walnut with durable finishes in a deep, dark brown. And the blonde chopping block of yesteryear? Gone. Walnut’s all the rage.

5. Industrial backsplashes

Bring some of the urban chicness of a converted warehouse into your kitchen backsplash. Hammered metal, distressed metal, stainless steel, and even concrete are all fashionable. Zinc is also climbing the ladder of popularity, mainly with the germaphobe crowd. Glass backsplashes are also trending.

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