Top 4 Most Useful Front Load Washer Tips

front laod washer

Are your laundry loads too big … or too small? Here are four of the worst things you can do to your front-load HE washing machine.

Are you guilty of bad behavior when it comes to doing laundry? You’ve got lots of stuff to wash, so it’s OK to cram it in and fill up the machine, right? Alternately, when you’ve got one item you really need to wash (that workout shirt is stinky enough to make a flower wilt, or you obviously have to wear that skirt you look so cute in on your date!), it’s all right to wash just one item, right?

You shouldn’t be surprised to learn that the answer to these questions is no. Those are just two of the worst things you can do to your washing machine. Watch this video to learn some troubleshooting tips to help your washer last a long time and get your clothes as clean as possible.

Front-Load Washer Operating Tips

Tip 1: Don’t overload the washer.

Overloading can cause poor cleaning or even damage your machine.

Tip 2: Avoid washing a single item.

The machine may become unbalanced and the cycle might not finish.

Tip 3: Use the correct amount of HE detergent.

Front-load washers use less water, so a low-sudsing detergent is necessary for thorough rinsing.

Tip 4: Use the correct preset wash settings.

They’re there for a reason!

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