Top 3 Home Warranty Myths Busted

Home Warranty Myths Busted

What’s the difference between a home warranty and homeowners insurance? How expensive are home warranties? Our video looks into these common questions and reveals the truth.

A home warranty provides two main benefits, according to Katrina Means of the Sears Home Warranty program. One is having protection if any appliances or systems in your home break, and the second is having the peace of mind that comes with that protection.

But there are many misconceptions surrounding home warranties. If you’re a bit skeptical, watch this video as we bust three of the most common home warranty myths.

Myth 1: Everything is already covered by homeowners insurance.

BUSTED! Homeowners insurance doesn’t typically cover wear and tear, mechanical failure and other appliance-related issues.

Myth 2: Home warranties are too expensive.

BUSTED! Home warranties protect you from large unplanned expenses and stress.

Myth 3: Getting a home warranty is too much of a hassle.

BUSTED! Sears makes it easy with one point of contact and one monthly bill.

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