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The 7 Hottest Bathroom Trends for 2016

The latest kitchen and bathroom trends

Spoiler: It’s all about contemporary, sleek, clean lines.

If you’re remodeling, building a new home or just updating your bathroom, here are the most buzz-worthy trends for 2016.

  1. Open shelving

    Whether it’s within your vanity or actual shelves on the walls, this is a trend that debuted in kitchens and has now moved into the bathroom. But while towels rolled decoratively can add a sense of sophistication to your bathroom, going all open could be a mistake. You don’t want everything on public display — do your guests really need to see your makeup kit, deodorant and extra toilet paper? How about cleaning products? A few cabinets in addition to open shelves will allow you to be discreet and trendy.

  2. Trough sinks

    Say goodbye to his-and-hers sinks. Trough sinks — basically freestanding, extra-long sinks — are blazing to the top of the trendy list. They’re big enough for the two of you to get ready at the same time but are super sleek.

  3. Square fixtures and showerheads

    It’s all about the angles and clean lines, and square fixtures and accessories are what’s in right now. They instantly add to the contemporary feel of your bathroom.

  4. Black and white color palette

    Sorry Pantone, we know you have deemed pink and blue — er, Rose Quartz and Serenity — as the 2016 Color of the Year, but in bathroom design, the contemporary chic of black and white is still outperforming pastels. Consider accenting with purple or mauve hues. And beige? It’s on the way out.

  5. Water-saving fixtures

    Water-efficient showerheads and faucets are big in 2016, thanks in part to the drought in California. But they’re not just for the environmental crowd. They’ll help save you money on your water bill, too, so it’s a win-win. Ditto for low-flow toilets.

  6. Smart showerheads

    It’s not just about the water in 2016; it’s about the whole shower experience. Showerheads are going more high tech than ever before. Some models can even connect to the Internet via Bluetooth technology, so you can sync to play music and belt out some tunes. Other cool features allow you to have a steam shower experience, turning your bathroom into your own personal day spa.

  7. Freestanding tubs

    These aren’t a new notion — clawfoot tubs have long been in vogue. But the freestanding soaking tub is becoming more and more popular with bathroom designers and will continue to be a favorite in 2016.

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