Testing the Best Life Hacks for Your Home

Young woman holding a dirty toothbrush used for cleaning appliances

Are you looking for surprising life hacks — that actually work — to use in your home? Watch our videos where we test the top home hacks and share tips to simplify tasks in your kitchen, laundry room and other rooms in your home.

Can you really cook salmon in the dishwasher? (And who was the genius who thought that up?) Does coffee really clean grill grates?

Home hacks — some crazy-sounding, others practical — are all over the internet. But which ones really work, and which are a waste of your baking soda and elbow grease?

We tested some of the most popular life hacks in our popular video series Sears Home Hacks. Here they are, in one place for easy reference. You never know when you’re going to need to clean a grease stain from your favorite shirt or a watermark from your countertop.

Sears Home Hacks: 3 Laundry Hacks — TESTED!

Just because you get a stain on your favorite article of clothing doesn’t mean it’s ruined forever. Watch the video to see which stain removers actually work.

Hack 1: Can dish soap and hydrogen peroxide remove grass stains?

Hack 2: Will hairspray or hand sanitizer work on ink stains?

Hack 3: Does cola get out grease stains?

Sears Home Hacks: 3 Grill Cleaning Hacks — TESTED!

What do onions, coffee and aluminum foil have in common? Supposedly they’re all great cleaners for your grill. Do they actually do the trick? See for yourself!

Hack 1: Does coffee work to clean grill grates and utensils?

Hack 2: Can you use an onion to clean a grill grate?

Hack 3: What about vinegar and aluminum foil? Can they clean grill grates, too?

Sears Home Hacks: 4 Window Cleaning Hacks — TESTED!

Cleaning your windows can be a pane, err, pain. We’ve got some tips and tricks to make that chore easier.

Hack 1: Does this all-natural DIY glass cleaner do the job?

Hacks 2 and 3: Can you clean windows with newspapers instead of paper towels? What about coffee filters?

Hack 4: Can a sponge brush clean out window tracks?

Sears Home Hacks: 3 Dishwasher Hacks — TESTED!

There’s a ton of crazy things you can do with your dishwasher, from cleaning it with lemonade to possibly even cooking dinner!

Hack 1: Will powdered citrus drink mix clean and freshen your dishwasher?

Hack 2: Can you really cook salmon in the dishwasher?!

Hack 3: Will a baseball cap get clean in a dishwasher?

Sears Home Hacks: 3 Countertop Cleaning Hacks — TESTED!

No matter what kind of countertop you have, we’ve got a hack for you.

Hack 1: Will nail polish remover get rid of stains from laminate countertops?

Hack 2: Can steel wool remove hard water stains on quartz countertops?

Hack 3: Does vodka clean and disinfect granite countertops?

Sears Home Hacks: 3 Cabinet Hacks — TESTED!

Don’t risk damaging your hardwood to find out if a life hack actually works. We tested these for you.

Hack 1: Can walnuts remove scratches from hardwood?

Hack 2: Will vegetable oil and baking soda get rid of greasy gunk on your cabinets?

Hack 3: Does coconut oil make dull wood shine?

Sears Home Hacks: 3 Oven Hacks — TESTED!

Cleaning the oven, waiting for it to preheat and uneven heating: These are three of the biggest frustrations when using your oven. But some of these life hacks just might solve those issues!

Hack 1: Does this all-natural, fragrant DIY oven cleaner work?

Hack 2: Can you really cut preheat time in half by using the broiler?

Hack 3: How can the toast test show if your oven has hot spots?

Sears Home Hacks: 3 Stovetop Cleaning Hacks — TESTED!

You clean your stovetop, but it gets dirty the minute you use it again. Is there an easy way to keep this kitchen workhorse clean?

Hack 1: Can you clean stovetop grates with oven cleaner?

Hack 2: Will coconut oil actually work on greasy stovetops?

Hack 3: Does a DIY cleaner of lemon and baking soda clean your glass stovetop?

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