Sears Whole House Warranty Coverage

Sears Home Warranty

Our fun and interactive photo shows you what’s covered in the Sears Whole House Warranty. From the furnace to the refrigerator to ceiling fans, the Whole House Warranty has you covered.

Whether you live in a brand-new home with new appliances or your appliances have been around the block a few times, it’s important to make sure they’re protected.

Contrary to popular belief, everything in your home is not already covered by homeowners insurance. And getting a home warranty plan now can save you from expensive and unexpected repair bills down the road.

Sears offers several home warranty plans, each designed to fit your needs and budget. There’s the Appliance Warranty plan, which covers up to 10 major appliances in your home (no matter how old they are or where you bought them). There’s also a Systems Warranty plan, which covers the major systems in your home, from the heating and air conditioning to electrical and plumbing systems. The Whole House Warranty combines these two plans, covering your appliances and systems, giving you the most coverage for the best value.

To get an idea of how much typical appliance repairs cost, check out our infographic.

So what all is covered in the Sears Whole House Warranty? We’ve broken it down in this interactive photo. Scroll over or tap the image to see the pop-up icons.

Are you ready to start protecting your home? Learn more and find out which Sears Home Warranty plan is right for you.

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