Heating System Models by Sears

Oil and Gas Furnaces Located inside the home, the furnace contains a heat exchanger, burner and fan assembly. Air within the chamber is heated up by a fuel source (oil/gas) and the blower assembly moves the air across the exchanger and into the ductwork.

Learn about the different Gas & Oil Heating Systems by brand and type. Research the right model for your home and give us a call. We’ll confirm the correct model and AFUE rating for your home during the in-home heating repair, maintenance or installation consultation.

Model Brand Type AFUE
58STA/DLA Carrier® Gas CTA-80% SFUE W/ECM Blower
58PHA Carrier® Gas 80% AFUE W/ECM Blower
58CVA Carrier® Gas 80% AFUE W/ ECM Blower
58MCB Carrier® Gas 92.1%-93% Up To 95% AFUE W/ Variable Speed ECM Blower
58HBX Carrier® Gas Up To 95% AFUE W/Multi-Speed ECM Blower
59SP5/TP5 /TN6/MN7 Carrier® Gas Up To 97.4% (S Stg, VS & Modulating)
58 OBL/OBM W/Multi-Speed Direct Drive PSC Blower Carrier® Oil Up To 86.6% AFUE
8MTL Kenmore® Gas 80% W/5 Speed PSC Blower
8MXL Kenmore® Gas 80% AFUE W/ECM Blower
8MVL Kenmore® Gas 80% AFUE W/Variable Speed ECM Blower
9MPD Kenmore® Gas 0.921
9MPX/MPV/MVT Kenmore® Gas 92% AFUE W/ECM Blower
9MVT/MVX/ MXT/MXE Kenmore® Gas 95+% AFUE W/ECM Blower
9MAC Kenmore® Gas 98% AFUE W/ECM Blower
NOUF, NOLF Kenmore® Oil 80-86%

Heat Pumps Using electricity, heat pumps move heat from a cool space to a warm space. The cool space gets cooler and the warm space gets warmer. Where you live will determine what kind of heat pump is best for your home. Sears offers a variety of Heat Pumps from both Carrier® and Kenmore® brands.

Model Brand Type
PHG3/4/5 Carrier® Heat Pump
50EX/VT/ XT/ZHB Carrier® Heat Pump
PHG3/4/5 Kenmore® Heat Pump

Forced Air This heating system distributes heat through your home by use of air. The heated air travels through the ducts and is released through the vents in the rooms in your home. When the temperature on your thermostat is reached, the heating system will shut off and begin again when the temperature drops below the initial setting.

Model Brand Type
50ES/VL/ XL/ZPB AC Carrier® Package Unit
48VT/XT Dual Fuel Carrier® Duel Fuel
48WS/VL Gas/Electric Carrier® Gas/Electric
PDD3/4/5 Carrier® Duel Fuel
PGD3/4 Carrier® Gas/Electric

Installing a heating and cooling system is great way to make your home more energy efficient. However, an improperly sized unit will cost you more in the long run. Moreover, some local or state governments may offer tax incentives for more efficient models. A certified Sears technician will be happy to help you find the best and most efficient unit for your home. Make an appointment today!