Sears Appliance Superheroes

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Here are some astounding stories of technicians who went above and beyond the call of duty.

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s…the Sears Appliance Experts?

Our technicians visit hundreds of homes each year. Most of the time it’s just to complete an in-home repair on an appliance or electronic device. But every once in awhile, the Sears Appliance Experts have the chance to show that they can be more than just repairmen — they can be superheroes and everyday heroes as well. Here are just a few of the inspiring stories that we’ve recently come across.

The Heat Is On

When Sears technician Bob Simms heard about an elderly man who couldn’t leave the hospital until his hot water heater was repaired, he sprung into action — despite the fact that Bob had spent the last two weeks volunteering for SOS Outreach, a youth development nonprofit, living in a hotel hundreds of miles away from his family. Bob showed up at the man’s house at 7 p.m. and worked on the water heater repair for more than an hour.

“The customer stated that Bob Simms has renewed his faith in humanity by going above and beyond. We’re proud of him and Sears,” says Shawn Jones, a technician manager for in-home repairs at Sears.

Fire Patrol

While out on a repair, Omar Avalos, one of our technicians, arrived for an appointment. No one seemed to be home. But Omar smelled gas coming from the outside meter. Omar called 911, and the fire department was dispatched to the home to make sure the situation was under control.

“Omar’s a real superhero!” exclaims Mary Proby, a technical manager for Sears.

Awash in Troubles

Water pouring from a refrigerator dispenser is stressful for any homeowner. But when it happened to a wheelchair-bound Sears Protection Agreement member, it was important to act quickly, since the man had no assistance to move the unit to shut off the water. Within minutes, a Sears home technician was dispatched to come to the rescue. Tim Rutledge, a technical manager from the Atlanta team, helped walk the technician through the refrigerator repair, providing suggestions on how to limit damage.

“The quick reaction is exactly what the customer was expecting, and Tim’s team delivered,” states Ingrid Alexis, a national operations program manager for Sears.

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